AOC Monitor No Signal is a common problem you will face if you have a defective video cable or a faulty AOC video card. The most familiar solution is to change the monitor cable or the monitor; however, you can still get your AOC Monitor No Signal even if you have changed all the cables and checked for loose connections. If this happens, then try these possible solutions:

AOC Monitor No Signal Issues | How to Solve it?

Solution 1: Power Cycle Your PC Monitor

First, turn off both your computer and monitor before unplugging them from their respective electrical sockets as well as any power bars. This will ensure that there is no power left in either unit.

After waiting for at least 10 seconds, plug the cable or video card back into your computer and turn on both devices while ensuring they are turned on first before turning on any other device.

Solution 2: Disconnect All Other Devices

If you have been using the same monitor for quite some time, try disconnecting all other external devices from it, including printers, speakers, and game consoles, to see if they are causing the AOC Monitor No Signal problem.

If this works and you don’t have any more AOC Monitor No Signal problems on your screen, then plug in each device one by one to see which of them caused this issue.

Solution 3: Check for Loose Connections

Like any other electronic device, loose connections may also be causing the AOC Monitor No Signal problem, so you must check all cables connected to both devices before trying not to power again.

Solution 4: Check for Damaged Cables

If you have been using the same cords in your AOC Monitor No Signal problem, check them thoroughly to see if they are still working by connecting them to another device. If this works, you need new cables for your PC and monitor.

Solution 5: Try Replacing Your Video Card

If you have tested all of the above solutions but still get no signal on your screen, it is time to try replacing the video card on your PC. This is a very easy solution to the problem, but it can be quite pricey, especially if you use an older video card that is no longer available in stores.

Solution 6: Update Your Video Card Drivers

This troubleshooting step will allow you to check whether there have been any software updates for your video card so make sure that you update its drivers first before doing this next step.

Checking and updating new drivers may help fix AOC Monitor No Signal issues, so go to your computer’s maker website and download the latest drivers for your video card. After installing them, restart your PC and see if this fixes the problem.

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