144Hz monitors are great for competitive gaming, as they have a pretty high refresh rate as compared to normal monitors.

People think that they have to break the bank to afford the 144Hz monitors. Well, that is not the case anymore, you can still get a decent quality 144Hz monitor if you have a budget of 300USD.

After deep market research and product testing, we have compiled a list of the best 144Hz monitors under 300.

That being said, let’s jump right into the product details.

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List of Best 144Hz Monitor Under 300 in 2022

1. Best Budget 144Hz Monitor: LG 27GN650-B 27” Ultragear Full HD Monitor

  • The LG 27GN650-B has super-thin bezels.
  • It has a very aggressive gaming monitor design.
  • This monitor is NVIDIA G-SYNC & AMD-Freesync Compliant.
  • It has a 144Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time.
  • It has HDMI, display port, and headphone out port connectivity.

If you are looking for the best 144Hz monitor, then your quest ends here. The LG 27GN650-B with the 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, and amazing quality display is the best 144Hz monitor under 300 that you can get.

The design of this monitor is fantastic, the material used is top notch with premium quality, and the base of the monitor with the red & black color combo looks aggressive.

The stand of this monitor is fully tiltable, and can easily be rotated without any issue. LG 27GN650-B has an attractive back with red contrast. Also, all the connections are present on the backside of the monitor.

Additionally, the bezels on the three sides are super-thin.

It comes with a high-performance IPS screen that has superior color sharpness, with amazing contrast. So, the colors on this screen look super-natural.

The best thing about this monitor is the 1ms response time, which gives you a competitive advantage. Plus, it also has a 144Hz refresh rate, which means you can have more frames per second than your rivals.

In this way, you can easily dominate the battlefield.

There are technologies like the NVIDIA® G-SYNC® & the AMD FreeSync™ used in this LG monitor that aid in fluid performance without any lag or delay in the performance.

This monitor supports HDMI & DisplayPort connectivity. Also, there is the headphone jack port that can be used to connect headphones and speakers.


  • Aggressive Design
  • 1080p Display
  • Fully Tiltable Stand
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Excellent Contrast


  • Absolutely None


2. Best 144Hz 1440p Monitor: Acer KG271 Gaming Monitor

  • The Acer KG271 gaming monitor comes with an IPS FHD Panel.
  • It has a 144Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time.
  • Also, there is the AMD FREESYNC technology for controlling refresh rate.
  • Acer has integrated its signature EyeProtect technology into this monitor.
  • There are two 2W speakers built into this monitor.

Acer is a leading gaming monitor manufacturer, and this monitor by Acer is the perfect representative of the quality and efficiency of the brand.

With the red and black color combination, this monitor gives pure gaming essence. The stand of this monitor is also amazing. You can easily control the position of the monitor as it has a three-way moving mechanism.

Now, talking about the screen, this monitor has an FHD display that can show 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

Not only the screen is capable of showing FHD content. It has a wide viewing angle, so you can watch the screen from the sides.

The 16:9 aspect ratio makes your games more enjoyable. Above all, it has a 1ms response time and combined with the 0.311mm pixel pitch, you can never fall short on time.

Plus, it also has a 144Hz refresh rate. This whopping refresh rate is controlled by the AMD FREESYNC. This technology syncs the refresh rate of the monitor and the graphics card. So, there is no flickering or shattering on the screen.

Extensive gaming hours can have adverse effects on your eyes. But not with this monitor, as it comes with the Acer’s signature EyeProtect technology that ensures your eyes don’t get affected by the blue light, screen flickering, or light dimming issue.

In case you do not like the headphones, there are two 2W speakers built into this system. So, even if you do not have external speakers, you can enjoy sound through your monitor.

Another remarkable thing about this monitor is the ENERGY STAR 6.0 certification, which means it consumes very little electricity.


  • Excellent Design
  • Superior Contrast
  • 144Hz Display
  • EyeProtect Technology
  • Built-in Speakers
  • ENERGY STAR 6.0 Certified


  • A Little Dim


3. Best 4k 144Hz Monitor: MSI Optix MAG240CR Curved Gaming Monitor

  • The MSI Optix MAG240CR has a curved screen with a 178-degree viewing angle.
  • The refresh rate of this monitor is overclocked at 165 frames per second.
  • It has MSI GAMING DESKTOP INTEGRATION for different gaming modes.
  • Also, there is RGB lighting on the backside of this monitor.
  • It has the AMD FreeSync integration.

MSI specializes in manufacturing top-notch gaming equipment, and this curved gaming monitor clearly represents MSI’s expertise.

The curved screen used in these monitors delivers amazing performance. It ensures you get the best viewing angle, without any glaring, or reflection.

In fact, this monitor is capable of showing you a perfect picture at a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.

Also, there is the IPS panel used, this high-quality panel shows you the perfect colors with excellent sharpness and contrast. Additionally, you can control the RGB settings using Mystic lighting.

You can tune the display settings from the list of available templates to best suit the type of games you are playing.

The MSI GAMING DESKTOP INTEGRATION has different viewing modes for providing you the best possible game graphics.

Moreover, there is very little blue light, with anti-flickering technology that puts stress on your eyes.

The best thing about this monitor is that it has a 144Hz refresh rate, which is overclocked to 165Hz.

The 1ms response time also aids in getting the best possible latency time, and refresh rate. In addition, MSI has also integrated the AMD FreeSync, which integrates the frame rate between the graphics card and the gaming monitor.

Thus, there is minimum lagging or shattering on the screen.

Another cool thing about this MSI monitor is the RGB LED strip lighting present on the backside of the monitor, which makes the monitor aesthetically pleasing.

Lastly, it supports HDMI, a Display port, and USB connectivity.


  • 165Hz Overclock Monitor
  • MSI Gaming Desktop Integration
  • RGB Lighting
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Blue Light Filter
  • Different Clocking Settings


  • Some Users Reported Dead Pixels Issue


4. Best Gaming Monitor: Dell S2421HGF 24 Inch Gaming Monitor

  • The Dell S2421HGF has a very decent design with narrow bezels.
  • The stand of this Dell monitor is fully adjustable.
  • It has a 144Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time.
  • The NVIDIA G-SYNC & AMD FreeSync™ are built-in.
  • Also, it has dual HDMI ports.

How can a list of the best gaming monitors be completed without including a Dell product? The Dell S2421HGF is purely a masterpiece that you can get under 300 USD.

Several reasons put this monitor on our list. To start with, this monitor has a very decent design with a matt black finish. The bezels on the screen are pretty narrow, and the stand is firm.

The stand of this monitor is fully adjustable with three-way rotation. You can easily rotate the monitor according to your viewing angle,

The screen panel of this Dell monitor is pretty impressive. The colors on the screen are crisp, and the display panel is well lit, even in the brightest of rooms.

Additionally, it comes with full-fledged customization options with the aid of a timer, FPS counter, and enhanced brightness setting controls.

The 144Hz refresh rate with the 1ms response time makes your gaming experience better than ever. In addition, rapid pixel color change technology minimizes the lag and blurring.

Also, there is the NVIDIA G-SYNC & AMD FreeSync™ premium technology for the seamless integration between the graphics card, and the monitor. Both these technologies ensure that there is no shattering or tearing of pixels on the screen.

Two HDMI ports allow you to connect the monitor with multiple systems. So, you won’t have to change the cables over and over again to connect your monitor to another computer or device.

Also, there is a Display port 1.2, and an audio output jack available on the monitor.


  • Crisp Display
  • Adjustable Stand
  • 1ms Response time with 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC & AMD FreeSync™
  • Anti Glare
  • Dual HDMI Ports


  • Requires Color Calibration
  • No Mounting System


5. Best Budget Gaming Monitor: Acer Nitro XV272U WQHD Gaming Monitor

  • The Acer Nitro XV272U comes with a high-performance WQHD panel.
  • It supports a 144Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time.
  • There are over a billion shade options
  • It has NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility.
  • There are two 2W speakers available on this monitor.
  • It has dual HDMI ports on this display.

The Acer Nitro XV272U is another lucrative pick for Acer fans looking for something better than the 1080p resolution.

This gaming monitor has a WQHD resolution for enjoying better details during the game. 1440p resolution at 144Hz surely provides you an unfair edge over your competitors.

Not only does this display have more resolution than the previously mentioned KG271 on our list, but also it has sharper colors and excellent contrast.

There are over a billion color shades on this system that ensure you get close to reality colors that are not only good for gaming but also provide you with an excellent video watching experience.

More importantly, it has multiple gaming and non-gaming modes, that adjust the color saturation, and other settings. In this way, you can easily choose the right color theme according to your needs.

NVIDIA G-SYNC also aids in providing you the perfect collaboration between your graphics card and your monitor. So, no more tearing of pixels on the screen.

Also, there are two 2W music rockers integrated, which means you do not have to attach external speakers unless you have a party at home.

The stand of this monitor is also quite impressive. You can either tilt, swivel, or adjust the height using the stand. Plus, as the monitor is VESA compatible, you can also mount it on the wall.

Finally, it has 2 HDMI ports, a Display port, and 4 USB 3.0 ports.


  • 1440p Display
  • Different Color Schemes
  • Three-Way Adjustable Stand
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible
  • Two Built-in Speakers


  • Brightness Needs Improvement


6. ViewSonic VX2458-MHD Gaming Monitor

  • The ViewSonic VX2458-MHD has an excellent screen panel.
  • It comes with a bunch of different color combination options.
  • It has anti-flickering and blue light filter technologies built in.
  • Also, there are dual HDMI ports with a display port on this monitor.
  • It comes with a three years limited warranty.

The ViewSonic VX2458-MHD is another high-performance 144Hz monitor that does not require an arm and a leg to get.

First of all, it has an amazing design that is simple yet elegant. With the bold looks of this monitor, it clearly looks amazing on any given countertop.

The FHD display with a 144Hz refresh rate and less than 1ms response time ensures you do not get any lag or delay in the gaming performance. Additionally, it has AMD FreeSync compatibility for proper assistance during the gameplay.

Also, it comes with flicker-free technology that dramatically reduces the flicker on the screen so that your eyes do not get hurt. Not only this but there is also a dedicated blue light filter available on this monitor for further protection of your eyes.

A handful of preset game modes let you change the screen sharpness, color settings, etc according to the game genre.

To offer you complete peace of mind, this monitor comes with a three-year worry-free warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about the reliability of this monitor.


  • Crisp Display
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Blue Light Filter
  • Flicker-Free
  • Preset Gaming Modes
  • Three Years Warranty


  • Thick Bezels
  • G-Sync Compatibility Issues


7. Best 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor: AOC C24G1 24″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

  • The AOC C24G1 has an amazing curved panel with a 144Hz refresh rate.
  • It comes with technologies like blue light filters and anti-flickering.
  • It has AMD Freesync technology.
  • There is a fully adjustable stand for proper height adjustment.
  • It comes with a three years limited warranty.

First and foremost, don’t let the last spot of this monitor fool you out. It’s a very high-quality curved frameless monitor that is capable of producing 144 frames per second at an FHD display.

It’s not any ordinary display, the AOC C24G1 with its curved display offers an immersive gameplay experience, like no other monitor in its league.

Not only is the screen curved, but the colors on the screen also are sharp, and accurate with excellent contrast.

Also, it comes with advanced technologies like anti-flickering, and blue light to ensure you do not get any eye fatigue.

Additionally, it also has the AMD FreeSync technology. So you won’t face any blurring or tearing of pixels on the screen.

The fully adjustable stand of this monitor aids you in the proper configuration of the monitor in the way you want. That means, no more sacrifices on the position adjustment.

You can easily connect every sort of system with this monitor as it has a VGA port, a Display Port, and 2 HDMI ports.

AOC ships this best 144Hz Monitor Under 300 with a three years warranty, and one-year accidental coverage. So, you can be future-proof.


  • Curved Screen
  • 1080p FHD Screen
  • Anti Flickering
  • Blue Light Filter
  • AMD Freesync Technology
  • 3 Years Warranty


  • No Customer Support
  • Harder to Tweak Perfect Color Combination



Best 144Hz Monitor Under 300 provide optimum frame rate for the royale battlefield titles like Fortnite & PUBG. Most of the 144Hz gaming monitors are pretty expensive, which makes it harder to find the best 144Hz monitor under a tight budget.

Thus, we have put together this blog post, in which we have compiled the list of the best 144Hz budget gaming monitors.

If you are still doubtful about getting the best gaming monitor under 300 USD, we recommend getting the LG 27GN650-B.

It’s an excellent 144Hz gaming monitor with an IPS display, aggressive look, and superior contrast. Absolutely the best you can get under 300.