In a world where smart devices are getting popular daily, it is very complex for users to find a perfect option. There are plenty of brands available that provide you best 65 inch tv under 1500. 65-inch tv provides you clear and detailed view with great image quality and with widescreen angles.

It is challenging for everyone to find the best 65 inch tv that contains all the advanced features. That includes good screen quality, a high-speed processor, high audio quality, better connectivity options with HDMI ports, USB ports, and smart voice assistance.

Smart devices are getting advanced day by day so does the Televisions. Unfortunately, these smart devices are expensive ranges from 2000 to 10000 dollars. But you don’t need to worry about it as we are here to help you find the best 65 inch tv under 1500.

This article will surely help you find the best tv under 1500 along with all the advancements that are not heavy on your pocket. You can easily find the best tv for you according to your term of use.

Let’s have a look at some best options available in the market!!

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What Are Best 65 Inch TVs Under 1500 in 2022?

Here are detail reviews of best 65 inch tv under 1500

1. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q60T Series – 4K LED Quantum HDR Smart TV

Product overview:

  • Brand – Samsung
  • Alexa built-in – yes
  • Aspect ratio – 16:9
  • Audio – active voice amplifier
  • Viewing angle – wide view angle
  • Resolution – 4K
  • Connectivity – Wireless, USB
  • Dimension – 3 x 57.1 x 32.6 inches

The Samsung tv comes in a wide range of sizes and screen resolution according to the customer requirement. Samsung Q60T series comes in with a wide range of colors. It provides you the enhanced screen resolution without compromising on the quality of visuals.

It provides built-in wi-fi connectivity and some other features like screen monitoring and screen sharing on other devices like smartphones. Plus, it has multiple HDMI inputs and two USB ports for connection purposes. It provides you virtual assistance like Alexa built-in and simple voice control.

It provides you a dual-LED backlight effect through which you can use warm and cool products according to your preference. Furthermore, due to the HDR effect, you can enjoy the detail of the visuals with various vibrant colors. You can also enjoy the mobile development and your gamming in ultra 4K mode.


  • The HDMI connectivity helps you to enjoy high-resolution content over a single cable. In addition, through the HDMI port, it supports high-speed processing.
  • Samsung Q60T helps you to control your smart devices through the remote control of your TV. You can handle refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, lights, and a lot of devices through it.
  • You can enjoy your gaming at ultra 4K mode without any hindrance. The processor allows your heavy games to run smoothly.
  • Due to the widescreen size and variety of color range with high screen resolution, it is considered the best 65-inch tv under 1500.
  • Through the Alexa built-in option, you can control almost all your home devices through your voice. For example, you can turn on the music, movies, and channels of your choice.
  • This tv comes in with a built-in speaker that provides boosted sound effects for your videos. The audio effect of the tv is high enough that you don’t need to attach extra speakers.


2. SAMSUNG QLED Q70T Series 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR

Product overview:

  • Brand – Samsung
  • Alexa built-in – yes
  • Aspect ratio – 16:9
  • Audio – active voice amplifier
  • Viewing angle – wide view angle
  • Resolution – 4K
  • Connectivity – Wireless, USB
  • Dimension – 1 x 11.4 x 35.7 inches

The Samsung Q70T series comes in with a high-speed processor of 4K. It provides you a speed performance with all the essential features that tv could have. Moreover, the refresh rate that it gives is excellent that ultimately gives you an excellent gaming experience.

It provides a very balanced color scheme along with high screen resolution. In addition, it provides the users Alexa control and Google’s voice assistance that provide you much ease in life. Through these features, you can enjoy the comfort of your device on your couch without any hassle.

The best gaming experience that it provides makes it the best option for gaming purposes. The screen offers the widest angles along with a sleek and slim design. The bottom of the tv also has a slightly wider bezel border.


  • The Samsung QLED tv has four HDMI ports and two USB ports that provide the customers a lot of connectivity options. It also has an optical audio output along with a cable connector.
  • It provides you the best gaming experience with its high refresh rate. So you can enjoy your heavy games on widescreen without any lagging in your playtime.
  • It provides you dual-LED effect due to its built-in system of cool and warm effects. You can adjust the tones of your tv accordingly for the comfort of your eyes at night time.
  • You can enjoy a clear view of the screen with a minimum motion blur for your movies due to its motion rate of 240. As a result, it provides a smooth and detailed effect for your videos.
  • The device has Quantum dot technology in it that provides you high color accuracy in a variety of billions of colors. This TV offers the users a massive spectrum for a great outlook.
  • The Active voice amplifier technology analyzes the noise around you and provides you an amplified voice to hear your TV’s audio.


3. Sony X900H 65-inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Product overview:

  • Brand – Sony
  • Aspect ratio – 16:9
  • Alexa built-in – yes
  • Audio – Acoustic multi-audio
  • Refresh rate – 120
  • Resolution – 4K
  • Connectivity – Wireless
  • Dimension – 13 x 13.38 x 33.63 inches

Sony X900H comes in with a complete package of high-resolution HDR screens and a high-speed 4K processor. The powerful visuals of the Tv provide the users a high contrast image to enjoy their movies with more details. In addition, its high-speed 4K processor provides you nonstop gaming experience.

The color grading, screen brightness, and screen display provide high-quality video quality for the best experience. Sony is considered one of the best 65- inch tv under 1500 due to its amazing screen contrast and color accuracy.

Its sleek design and cutting-edge feature add beauty to this smart device. Its smart connectivity system helps the users control their home’s smart devices with a single tap. The connectivity of the Sony tv is unmatchable as compared to the other TVs available in the market.


  • The X balanced speakers introduced in it provide the users loud and clear sound. So you can enjoy your favorite music with a good sound quality without any external assistance.
  • The X motion clarity feature introduced in it helps users enjoy the fast-moving scenes with more clarity and high brightness. In addition, you can observe the details of each blink.
  • For the content creators and the professional use, this tv is a perfect choice because it provides you ultra 4K quality of films. So you can enjoy studio-quality at your home.
  • This device is also a perfect option for gaming purposes due to its high response rate. It also has two HDMI ports for the extra consoles.
  • You can enjoy the quality of HDR movies. The high contrast ratio that it provides improves the visuals quality in dark mode or low lights.
  • The Sony TV is an Alexa-enabled device you can control your tv with your voice like you can play music open different channels and apps. You can also access google assistance on your TV


4. Hisense 65-Inch Class R8 Series Atmos 4K ULED Roku Smart TV

Product overview:

  • Brand – Hisense
  • Alexa built-in – yes
  • Refresh rate – 60HZ
  • Motion rate – 120
  • Viewing angle – not wide view angle
  • Resolution – 4K
  • Connectivity – Wireless
  • Dimension – 9 x 3 x 32.8 inches

This TV from Hisense is one of the best 65-inch TVs under 1500 and the most affordable in the R8 series. This tv comes with all the features required for a good Tv and still is not heavy on your pocket. In addition, it has no bezels on the bottom that gives you a gorgeous design with an extra screen ratio.

You can find many connectivity options on its left side, including USB connectivity and HDMI ports for connecting your smart devices. It also provides you smart WI-FI connection, and it has built-in voice control assistance. In addition, you can control the system of your device through it.

Its 4K ultra screen resolution helps you to enjoy the content of your choice in high quality. You can play your favorite games on it smoothly due to its high refresh rate. You can also enjoy your sports movies on it due to its high screen contrast and wide color range.


  • The device provides you satisfactory audio quality due to its built-in speakers. The powerful built-in speakers produce the perfect boosted sound, so you don’t need external assistance.
  • The smart and sleek design of the device makes it more appealing for the customers. You can fix it on the wall and can place it on the table on its two feet according to your preference.
  • You can experience a wide range of colors on the screen along with the high contrast and peak brightness that provide you the full spectrum of billions of colors.
  • You can control your tv through IOS and android by using Roku mobile app. Voice assistance can also be used to control, turn on and off your device, and search shows of your choice.
  • The motion rate of 240 provides more detail of fast-moving scenes by minimizing any lagging in the scene. As a result, you can enjoy fast-moving games with a more detailed view of them.
  • The color production that it provides is unexpected in such affordable TV options. You can experience amazing vivid and true colors in the Hisense R8F series.


5. Sony X750H 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Product overview:

  • Brand – Sony
  • Google assistance – yes
  • Aspect ratio – 16:9
  • Refresh rate – 60Hz
  • weight – 44.3lb
  • Resolution – 4K
  • Connectivity – Wireless, USB
  • Dimension –63 x 13.5 x 35.63 inches

Sony is well known in the market for its high-quality products. They are always something new and very attention-grabbing in their smart design, look, and affordability for anyone. Moreover, it always grabs the customers’ attention due to its high quality 4K screen resolution of sharp colors.

It supports the HDR10 and HLG, due to which you can enjoy your favorite content in high quality with enhanced brightness. Moreover, the premium quality Sony tv comes in a very handy and high-quality remote control that upgrades your experience with the smart tv.

It also provides you a built-in voice control to control your smart device with your voice assistance that provides you more comfort. The built-in speaker quality is also very that that provides high-quality sound with no distortion. There is no need to add any external speakers with it.


  • You can control your device with Roku OS remote control mobile application. You can handle your Sony tv with your smart devices like mobile and tablets.
  • Sony TV provides you a better gaming experience with its HDMI 2.1 feature that provides you with nonstop gaming with an ultra 4K screen at 120fps.
  • Its high contrast ratio provides you high quality in your visuals by its sharp colors. It turns the light colors more light and dark colors more intense.
  • The new feature X-reality pro uses the 4K database, upgrades your processing speed, and illustrates the real-world on your TV screen.
  • Its ultra-slim design makes it more appealing for the customers. In addition, it has a very narrow bezel slide that makes sure that you can enjoy widescreen angles.
  • The multi-built-in audio speakers help the users to enjoy the best quality audio with more clarity. So that you can enjoy the music of your own choice in a better way.


How to Choose Best 65 Inch TV Under 1500 – Buying guide:

There are a lot of 65-inch TVs available in the market that are quite affordable. The 65-inch tv is quite large in that it supports the HDR quality in high resolution and is very well known in the market. Buyer should always complete their research before buying the tv.

In the market, a lot of brands jumped into the market. Therefore, it is very complex for the buyers to find the best tv for them.

Therefore, it would be best if you always made a side-by-side comparison of your tv with different brands available in the market so that you can find the best 65-inch tv under 1500 according to your requirement.

Best 65 Inch TV Under 1500

In the article, we have discussed some of the best 65 inches tv options for the customers. However, you can have a look at them before your purchase. This buying guide will help you a lot in finding a good product at a reasonable price.

Here are some of the specifications that you should keep in mind if you want to buy a great product that goes a long way and is not heavy on your pocket.

What to look at in 65- inch tv exactly?

When you are going to the market for buying a 65-inch tv before you spend money, you should look at the specifications like the screen size, the screen clarity, the studio output, the built-in Google voice assistance, and the Alexa support. You can enjoy more features in your device in an affordable range. Some of them are

  • High Tv resolution

The quality of the screen is one of the most vibrant options that should be kept in mind before making any discission. Nowadays, when 8K resolution tv is coming into the market, you should not compromise with the 1080p models that are outdated and are of no use in the present times.

The color range and the clarity of the screen should be very high. In the latest smart devices, there is quantum dot technology, so that it provides you a broad spectrum for the billions of shades with more detail.

The best option in the 65-inches tv is that you should go for a 4K screen resolution that is highly recommended so that you can enjoy your movies and games in high HDR quality without any motion blur in your tv.

  • Better connectivity:

The more the connectivity options available in your TV, the smarter devices can be paired with it. The connectivity options include HDMI, USB ports, an ethernet port. Through HDMI, you can connect more monitors with ii. USB ports help in connecting smart devices like mobile tablets for streaming favorites shown on the big screen.

Wireless connectivity like wi-fi Bluetooth help in easy connection with other devices.  Ethernet port can be an alternative for wi-fi connections. It would help if you always prefer a tv with better connectivity options for pairing with different smart devices.

  • Smart and sleek design:

The idea of huge size TVs has changed a lot in the past years. In the era of smart devices, slim and sleek design tv is preferable compared to the huge size heavy box of tv. Moreover, the smart size tv is better in terms of its outlook and processing speed.

  • High processing speed:

The latest and fast speed processor is the most noticeable feature before buying the best 65-inch tv under 1500. The high-speed processing helps you in a better gaming experience. In addition, you can enjoy good-quality video streaming and download through a high-speed processor.

  • Screen brightness:

The screen’s brightness should be high so that you can enjoy the details of your visuals with more accuracy in a fully lighted room. The contrast ratio of the tv screen should also be high. The high contrast provides you more luminous effect.

  • High Audio quality:

The audio quality of the tv should also be good. In the old version of TVs, the audio quality uses to be very poor. In the present times, the audio quality of the devices is very good. Therefore, you can enjoy the high-quality sound with more clarity without any external assistance.

The audio output of the TV should be high that you can hear it from a long distance. A smart Tv should also have an auto audio amplifier so that the TV’s sound automatically amplifies when there is noise in the room.

Along with the above mention features, a good tv must have

  • The high refresh rate of about 120HZ or more
  • Motion rate of about 240 to enjoy details of fast-moving games and scenes.
  • Built-in powerful speakers for a clear and high-quality sound effect.
  • Smart tv should have ALEXA built-in assistance for more comfort in using your tv and handling other smart devices of your home.



1.    Which one is the most affordable 65-inch tv?

In the market, many brands are available with a vast range of series, but the most affordable option is the Hisense R8 series TVs.

All the 65-inch TV mentioned above are affordable. However, you can find the best option for yourself under 1500 with all the latest advancements.

2.    Does 65-inch tv support screen monitoring with IOS?

If you want your tv to supports screen monitoring with the IOS devices, you need to check before buying either your TV supports Airplay 2 or not. Then, using the Airplay 2 port, you can enjoy screen monitoring of your IOS mobile on the big screen.

3.    Which one of the 65-inch tv is best for gaming purposes?

Sony X900H is considered the best option for gaming purposes due to its high-speed processor. In addition, its high refresh rate provides an unmatchable gaming experience.

You can enjoy 4K pictures and videos with real-world detailing and texture on this TV. Plus, you can also enjoy 4K gaming on this screen.


After looking at all the best options available in the market, we know that the customers should always purchase the TV that suits their requirements properly. They should clarify before purchasing either they need it for household use, professional use, or gaming purposes.

After having a general overview of the whole article, we can say that Sony TV is best in term of their screen quality, gaming experience and are very affordable

The 65- inches tv is a perfect option for gaming purposes and enjoying your content on ultra-HD quality with the best screen angles and brightness. You should remember that all the aspects before buying the best 65-inches tv under 1500. It must have all the advanced features like Google voice assistance.

Best of luck with your purchase!!