The 65-inch TV is preferred by many people for its appropriate size, as it’s a perfect size for a lot of living rooms. However, the real problem is getting the perfect 65-inch television within your budget, as there are several factors to consider. Therefore, after deep research, we have compiled this guide, and we have chosen 5 different TVs so you can easily choose the best 65-inch TV under 800 $.

Enough bluffing, let’s check out the products straight away.

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List of 5 Best 65 Inch TVs Under 800 USD

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1. Samsung AU8000 Series 65-inch 4K Smart TV

  • The Samsung AU8000 has a premium design with its thin bezels.
  • It has an excellent cable management system.
  • It comes with Dynamic Crystal Color technology.
  • Also, it has the Crystal 4K Processor.
  • It comes included with Bixby, Google Home Assistant & Bixby.

The Samsung AU8000 offers a premium look, realistic colors, and a bunch of high-tech features, that puts this smart TV on top of our list.

Best 65 Inch TVs Under 800 USD

To begin with, the Samsung AU8000 has a stunning design with very narrow bezels. The glossy material used makes this TV look premium.

Also, the stand of this TV is fantastic with the mounting functionality. So, you can put it on the table as well as on the wall using the wall mount.

Moreover, the cable management system on this system is also fantastic. You won’t have to deal with messy cables anymore.

Talking about the screen panel, the 65-inch display on this TV is capable of showing 4K resolution (it’s four times the resolution of the standard HD resolution).

Dynamic Crystal Color technology along with the HDR produces close to real colors. Unlike traditional TVs, the colors on the screen are sharp and vivid.

The Crystal 4K Processor optimizes the UHD content in a way that there is minimal lag or delay in the content. Additionally, it also ensures you are getting the right colors according to the nature of the scenes.

Motion Xcelerator technology integrated into this system ensures you do not get any lag or delay watching high-motion sports.

There are three different voice assistants integrated into AU8000 TV. You can use Bixby, Alexa, or Google Home Assistant according to your will. In this way, you can control the TV hands-free.

Also included are advanced screen mirroring technologies including Screen Tapping, which allows you to mirror your Samsung device with a single tap.

Lastly, it comes with the Q-Symphony for integrating the Samsung soundbar hassle-free with the TV.

2. LG 65UP8000PUA 4K Smart TV

  • The LG 65UP8000PUA 4K Smart TV comes with a high-quality 4K display panel.
  • The Active HDR technology on this TV is amazing.
  • It has the signature LG Web OS.
  • Also, it has two different voice assistants.
  • It comes included with the LG Magic Remote.

If you are not pleased with the Samsung AU-8000, then this LG Smart TV with hundreds, and hundreds of positive reviews, and the distinguished “Amazon’s Choice” tag can be a reliable pick for your needs.

This LG TV comes with a premium quality panel that is capable of showing 4K in vibrant and crisp colors. Not only are the colors on the screen well saturated, but it also has superior contrast with deep black and pure whites.

The Active HDR technology also aids in keeping the contrast top-notch.

Moreover, this TV comes with noise reduction technology that ensures there is minimum noise on the TV.

A dedicated Filmmaker mode ensures you are enjoying your shows, movies, and dramas in the best possible quality.

The Sports Alert Mode also keeps you updated with all the latest sports happenings. You can use this mode to set alerts for your favorite games so you don’t miss any matches.

The best thing about this TV is that the dedicated gaming mode minimizes the input lag, and optimizes the best possible refresh rate to keep you dominated by your rivals.

Another cool thing is that it comes with the signature LG Web OS, which is straightforward to use.

The LG Web OS is straightforward, yet very powerful. It comes with several prominent features for added convenience.

Also, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HULU TV are preloaded on this TV. So, in case you do not like the standard cable TV, you have something to fall back on.

Google Voice Assistant and Alexa are also available on this TV. That means you are not bound to use the remote only for controlling the TV.

Controlling this TV using the remote is also not a problem, as it comes with the LG Magic that allows you to conveniently control the TV functions.


3. Sony X750H 65-inch 4K Smart TV

  • The Sony X750H comes with Android OS.
  • It has a high-performance 4K X1 processor.
  • Also, it has the TRILUMINOS display for sharp colors.
  • It has a dedicated gaming mode.
  • The Sony X750H has the Google Home Assistant integration.

The Sony X750H is a Smart TV that comes with Android OS preloaded. In fact, it’s the best Android TV under 800 USD.

As this Sony TV is built on the Android OS, it offers you several customization options. Also, you can download applications from the Play Store to enhance the performance of this machine.

Under the hood, there is the 4K X1 processor that powers up this device. The X1 processor ensures that there is fluid performance on this TV without any issue.

Sony has used the TRILUMINOS display in this TV that has superior color accuracy and grading. So, the colors are excellent, just as the producer created them.

The Motion XR technology infused in this Smart TV ensures you are getting the perfect environment for watching your favorite matches without any dizziness.

Additionally, it has a dedicated gaming mode that ensures you are getting the best possible refresh rate and minimum lagging.

Online streaming services like Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, etc are standard on this TV. So, you won’t have to stick to cable TV anymore.

Although it lacks the Alexa integration, it has support for the Google Home assistant. That means you can use Google Home Assistant for controlling the TV without lifting your finger.


4. TCL 4-Series 4K Smart TV

  • The TCL 4-Series 4K TV comes with an upscaled 4K panel.
  • It has an amazingly powerful OS.
  • Also, it has Dolby HDR integration.
  • It comes with ROKU TV preloaded.
  • It also has Apple Airplay 2 technology.

TCL is an emerging TV manufacturer that offers the perfect bang for your bucks. If you are not satisfied with the return value from your mainstream TV vendor, this TV offers the highest number of features considering the price of this product.

The overall design of this smart TV is very futuristic. It has very thin bezels, and definitely one of the highest screen-to-body ratios.

The thing that makes this TCL TV standout from the competition is its superior screen panel. TCL has used an upscaled 4K panel in this TV, which has one of the best color accuracies in the market.

The colors on the screen are well saturated with vivid shade and amazing contrasts. TCL has also used the Dolby HDR technology for superior contrast.

The OS on this TV is also user-friendly. All the applications and functions are arranged systematically to create a user-centered operating system that is very powerful yet super-efficient in usage.

Netflix, HULU, Spotify, and Amazon Prime are standard on this TV. Plus, there are 500,000+ movies and shows integrated into this TV. In this way, you can never get tired of repetitive content.

Another cool thing is that you can use this smart TV with the ROKU mobile application for seamless connectivity between your mobile phone, and TV. Additionally, you can use the ROKU mobile app for a private listening experience.

This TV also comes with Apple Airplay 2 technology, which lets you share your iPhone or iPad’s screen instantly to the bigger screen, without requiring any additional accessories.

Another thing that we noticed about this TV is its super-strong WIFI connection. This TV has fantastic WIFI reception, all thanks to the usage of dual-wifi antennas.


5. Samsung 65-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV

  • The TU-7000 has a premium quality design.
  • It supports upscaled 4K technology with excellent contrast.
  • Also, there is the Auto Gaming Mode (ALLM).
  • It has Samsung’s Tizen OS.
  • It supports Miracast & Airplay 2.

The last not the least contender on our list of the best 65-inch TVs under 800 is another outstanding product by Samsung.

The TU-7000 comes with a boundless design that has very thin bezels, and a very premium design.

It has a high-performing panel that can support up to a 4K display. Plus, it has the Dolby HDR that provides superior contrast with excellent contrast of black and white. So, the picture looks stunning with high contrast.

Under the hood, it houses the Crystal 4K processor that ensures you get the best performance according to the nature of the video.

Also, the Auto Game Mode (ALLM) optimizes the TV’s performance for providing you with the best possible refresh rate and lowest possible latency.

Samsung has built this TV on its own Tizen OS. This operating system is very user-friendly with all the advanced features.

The One Remote system that comes with this TV can be used to control Samsung-compatible soundbars as well as this TV.

Alexa and Google Home Assistant are also preloaded on this TV for hands-free operation. Additionally, it supports screen mirroring on Android & Apple devices as it comes with Micacast & Apple Airplay 2.

Best 65 Inch TV Under 800