Your journey of finding the best washer and dryer in 2022 may stop here because we have reviewed the top five washer and dryer combos to save you time, effort, and space. All of these models have a basic design to facilitate and integrate advanced technology to enhance your experience. In addition, these best washer and dryer 2022 claims to save water, consumes less detergent, and offers various washing and drying cycles. Without further ado, let’s get into the details and explore what makes them unique.

The idea of washing clothes and then remove them from the washing machine to put them in the dryer is haunting. It is a basic home chore, but it can be a lot of tiring.

Well, have you ever thought to turn this tedious tiring activity into the enjoyable one? Thanks to the advanced technology in appliances, we have a washer and dryer combo that brings comfort and convenience to our lives.

Using any of these washers and dryers 2022, you can put the laundry in the machine and catch up with your lost sleep. It is a Godsend single spin machine for all of us struggling to manage our times and owing a relaxing day to ourselves.

The best washer and dryer combo for you is one that will be reliable, efficient, and convenient. There are many different combos out there to choose from, so it can be difficult to know which one is the right fit for your home. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide! We’ll go over all of the factors you should consider when purchasing a new washer/dryer combo, help find the perfect set up for your needs

What Are Best Washer and Dryer Combo in 2022?

Check out the best washer and dryer 2022 and decide before they sell out.

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1. LG WM3488HW 24 Inch Washer Dryer Combo

LG WM3488HW is our top pick for the best washer and dryer combo 22. It may offer a relatively small capacity, but it can work well for smaller families. The stainless steel drum of the machine comes with a lifetime warranty, and all the smart features will turn the boring laundry into a seamless experience.

Though it does not have a steam cycle, it offers 14 wash cycle settings with four dry program options. Its True Balance anti-vibration system instantly caught our attention as it reduces the machine noise and provides quiet and comfortable washing.


  • The free dedicated app has a Smart Diagnosis option that allows you quick troubleshooting.
  • The sanitize setting.
  • Anti-Vibration system for eliminating disturbing motor noise


  • It is perfectly designed for small families.
  • Budget-friendly washer and dryer combo
  • Excellent warranty.


  • Lack of steam setting.

2. Crossover Non-Metered Best Front Loader Washer Dryer

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This best washer and dryer combo 2022 is our top choice in a basic style and user-friendly design. The front-loading makes putting and removing the clothes easy for everyone. The pull-out at the top for the detergents and softeners is also worth noticing because it allows use even in the middle of a washing cycle.

Moreover, the size is ideal for commercial as well as for personal use at home. The quality is also excellent, and it does not require regular maintenance, which is also a bonus point.


  • The fast-drying option saves time and electricity.
  • The washer and dryer combo 22 consumes 60% less water as compared to others.
  • The size is perfect for average-sized washrooms.
  • Its 22+ pounds can entertain 2-3 days of laundry at once for small families.


  • Highly efficient washing and drying options
  • Increased capacity
  • Compliant with ADA
  • Built-in wheels for easy portability


  • The soap dispenser might leak water after few months of use.

3. LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer & Dryer Combo

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Like any other product of LG, their washer and dryer combo is not coming slow. With enormous capacity, this smart one unit laundry solution will be your valuable purchase. It might be a little hard on your pockets, but you can compromise a few dollars into it if you want to save space and time.

Furthermore, this best washer and dryer 2022 is rich with many appealing features like its time-saving technology that gives the machine a break every 30 minutes. The voice control system also makes the controlling convenient. It also comes with the special Allergiene cycle that enables the steam system to deal with wrinkles, lousy odour, irritation, etc.


  • Large capacity will entertain large households.
  • The machine is AAFA Certified.
  • It offers 14 washing cycles and 6 dryer options.
  • The anti-allergy technology will attract skin conscious people.
  • The machine does not make annoying noise while running.
  • The dedicated app will notify you when the cycle completes.


  • Huge capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Ten-year warranty for the motor
  • It is perfect for large families


  • Expensive

4. Conserve 24 Inch Compact Washer Dryer Winterize Quiet

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This washer and dryer combo with 1.6 cubic feet capacity is a perfect choice for short families. With the knob control console, this incredible machine offers eight wash cycle options to deal firmly with your fabric material.

Moreover, this machine works quietly, so your baby or elders won’t get disturbed while you do the laundry. The compact design of the machine and user-friendly design will save your space and provide you convenient experience. Also, by pressing the one button available at the front, the washing machine would turn into the dryer.


  • The machine is easy to access with a pull-out for laundry detergent at the front.
  • The dryer offers excellent airflow.
  • The machine does not make loud noise while operating.
  • The 1400 RPM speed reduces the dry time and saves electricity.


  • Eight wash cycle options
  • Cycles are quite
  • Optional venting style
  • Two-years warranty


  • Portability wheels are not included.

5. RCA RWD270 Combo Washer Dryer

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RCA washer and dryer combo is an excellent option for standard size bathrooms. With the 24 Inches size, it provides 2.7 cubic feet capacity, which will help you deal with the massive laundry at once. It will also save your space and water because washing and drying fabric safely will happen within the machine in no time.

In addition, the front-loading design of the washer dryer combo is super attractive. It houses a glass door, a pull out for detergent and fabric softeners you might want to use during or after washing. Besides, the LED panel of the machine will make the controlling and navigation super convenient.


  • Front-loading design with user-friendly LED display panel.
  • 7 cubic feet capacity enables massive washing at once.
  • Delay start option to set washing and drying timings beforehand.
  • It offers 16 washing cycles and five temperature options to choose from according to the fabric.
  • It offers four drying options.


  • Saves space
  • Attractive glass door
  • LED panel at the front
  • Low noise level
  • Various cycle options


  • It might struggle with large loads.


How to Choose Washer Dryer Combo in 2022 – Buyer Guide

The combo of washer and dryer is an excellent alternative for buying both machines separately. It saves the cost, time, and energy that we waste with both machines.

This impressive combo is a GodSend, and everyone wants to have it in their homes. However, like any other appliance you bought for your home, it also requires your attention. You should consider several factors before making your purchase.

Choosing the best washer and dryer combo for 2022 is not hard as it sounds. When you know your requirements and know some basic features it offers, the buying process will be a lot easier.

So, let’s see points we should not avoid while getting the best washer and dryer in 2022.

  • Capacity

How much capacity you want will entirely depend on how much time you can give to your laundry schedules. Also, machines with smaller capacity might be perfect for regular laundry or short families.

However, the washer and dryer combo with huge capacity would save you a lot of time and keep your clothes safe. Remember, the dryer will need relatively more space to work efficiently. So, ensure you don’t overburden the machine, even for washing only.

  • Machine Size

You plan to get the washer and dryer combo to save the space that two machines consume. Right?

So, get the washer and dryer in 2022 by examining your washroom or laundry space. Getting the measurements beforehand will give you a fair idea about fittings and available space. Usually, this machine comes with a range between 25-27 inches. But, the latest models are consuming more space, so be careful.

  • Smart Features

Yes, like any other modern home appliance, the best washer and dryer 2022 integrates smart features. Voice control, application notification, automatic turning off the dryer after washing completes are a few of the basic features it offers. Moreover, some machine combos also offer anti-allergy or sanitizing systems to protect your clothes if you suffer from any skin problems. So, you can consider those too.

With a bit of adjustment at a price, you can enjoy more than these features.

  • Automatic Resources

You also have the preference to buy a fully automatic or semi-automatic machine. The fully one is more convenient for busy pals as it does not require permission to start or stop the dryer. It will operate automatically. However, you can change the washing cycle with the semi-automatic machine or turn on the dryer and choose from the different drying options available.

  • Price

Budget matters a lot. Different brands are launching the washer and dryer combo with customized options, and their prices vary. So, you have to adjust the budget according to the size, features, technology, and brand you are willing to buy. Remember, it will be your one-time investment, and it’s about your clothes.

Best Washer and Dryer

Bottom Line

Washing clothes is an essential home chore. You can not avoid it because the pile of laundry will always be after you. So, you can take a smart move and invest in the best washer and dryer in 2022.

It will be a valuable asset for your home because of its easy accessibility and user-friendly design. It also allows putting the clothes in and forget about them until they come thoroughly washed and dried.

I have put together the best washer and dryer 2022 available in the market. However, if you are experiencing any other incredible machine, drop it down in the comments.