What to look for in a new TV?

What to look for when buying a new TV


We have all been there, you are in the market for buying a new TV and all of the specifications seem foreign or too technical to make sense of. New TVs and screen technologies come into the market seemingly every day. We wrote this guide to help you decide what factors are best for you when buying a new TV.

  • High screen resolution:

The quality of the screen is one of the most important factors in purchasing a new TV that should be kept in mind before making any decision. Nowadays, with 8K resolution TVs coming into the market, you should not compromise with the 1080p or even lower 720p models that are outdated and are starting to badly fall behind in the viewing experience. On the topic of 8K however, you shouldn’t go all out for one of these very expensive TVs because the content isn’t available yet so it would make more sense to get a nicer 4K screen.

The color range and the clarity of the screen should be very high. In the latest smart devices, there are things like QLED, OLED, and Quantum Dot technology which are features that increase the picture quality but usually come with a higher cost. It is important to know that you can find good deals on TVs (we post many on this site), but you still generally get what you pay for.

The best option for a 65-inch or larger tv is 4K screen resolution, if you choose a TV this big and then only have a 1080p screen it will probably appear pixelated and you will be disappointed with the picture. For smaller TVs 55-inches or lower you can still get away with a 1080p screen but as we mentioned before the technology is aging, and 4K content is becoming more available all the time.

  • Lots of connectivity:

The more connectivity options available on your TV, the better. The potential connectivity options include HDMI ports, USB ports, different types of audio connections, and ethernet ports. Through HDMI, you can connect consoles, smart devices (Roku, Apple TV, etc.), computers, DVD players, and more. USB ports help in connecting smart devices like mobile tablets for streaming favorites shown on the big screen. Audio connections are important if you have external speakers or a soundbar.

Wireless connectivity like wi-fi and Bluetooth help in easy connection with other devices.  An Ethernet port can be an alternative for wi-fi connections. It is in your interest to look for TVs that have more connectivity options so that as your needs change the TV can handle the extra use cases.

  • Smart and sleek design:

This topic is pretty simple, old-school CRT TVs don’t have great aesthetics like the ultra-thin/bezel-less TVs available today. If your TV looks good, you will use it more and get more value out of it.

  • High processing speed:

If you are trying to watch 4K content you want a processor that can render the images seamlessly in real-time, you would notice this as a problem in action scenes where the screen will tear or stutter. The high-speed processing helps you with a better gaming experience. In addition, you can enjoy high-quality video streaming and download through a high-speed processor.

  • Screen brightness:

The screen’s brightness should be high so that you can enjoy the details of your visuals with more accuracy in a fully lighted room. The contrast ratio of the tv screen should also be high. The high contrast provides you with better viewing in bright spaces.

TV brightness is measured in a unit called “nits”, the actual measurement is ‘candelas per square meter’ but nits is easier to remember and understand. The best TVs can go past 1000 nits (TV Brightness), while more midrange and budget options are frequently in the 300-500 nits range. When buying a new TV for a bright space this is important to keep in mind that your picture is clear even if you have bright lights or sunshine streaming into a room.

  • High Audio quality:

With exceptions, most TVs today are not going to have high-quality speakers built in because manufacturers and customers value thin and bezel-less screens over speaker performance. If you are trying to set up a home theater and really get into your movies, you should expect to buy an external speaker system or soundbar for the full sound immersion experience. For those trying to find a TV with good to great built-in speakers, we have recommendations coming soon.


Buying a new TV Conclusion

We hope that you will keep in mind these important factors when considering your next purchase. We have spent a lot of time testing different TVs to determine these most critical components of the viewing experience. Buying a new TV can be a scary task if you don’t know what to look for, and we hope to have cleared up your concerns.

If you have suggestions or comments on how we can improve this guide please let us know here!