For all the budgeted consumers out there, picking Sharp TV is the best option to look for. You will find this TV available with some advanced features and some bonus features to give your whole watching experience a beneficial impact.

You will find this platform to be better in functionality, and it has access to different apps. Hence, it provides a complete, user-friendly environment where the consumers can have easy access to various navigation features or streaming media apps. As the Sharp TV is based on the Android TV system, the consumers can grab the fun of Google cast or the Google play games at its peak.

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What are the Benefits of Sharp Smart TV?

A few of the essential benefits of a Sharp Smart TV are:

  • Excellent contrast in different models
  • Balanced form of color saturation
  • Reliable connectivity options
  • Reasonable for larger screens
  • Android TV is amazing in working
  • Great scaling engine

How to add Apps to Sharp Aquos TV?

Step by Step Guide to Add Apps on Sharp Aquos TV

Moving to the main topic of our discussion, it’s about how you can add apps to sharp Aquos TV. Here we have a quick tutorial discussion for you below as a help:

  1. Press the button of “Apps” from the system of Sharp TV remote.
  2. Now you have to choose “apps now” and then click the “OK” button from the TV remote.
  3. See the smart TV screen on the top. Using the filter option, you can quickly sort out the whole list of apps available in different categories. This includes lifestyle, music and shows, movies, games, TV, and so on.
  4. Choose any of the apps from the “apps now” store you wish to install or even add to the TV.
  5. Hit the “OK” option for the successful installation of the selected app.
  6. Once the app gets installed on the Sharp Smart TV, it will display a checkmark on the upper left corner of the smart TV screen.

Stream your favorite show and chill on your home couch!

If you have an older version of the Sharp Smart TV, you need to download all the apps through the Google play store.

How to add Apps to Sharp Aquos TV

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

  1. Can you add Disney plus to your Sharp Aquos TV?

Sharp Smart TV series is included with the feature where it allows you to watch the Disney+ directly: the Sharp AQUOS series. Hence, all such TV systems are yet the only sharp models on which they run the Android TV operating system. With this operating system, you can download Disney+ without any hassle.

  1. Is Sharp Aquos a smart TV?

SmartCentral 3.0 works as the Smart TV platform and the mobile app that has been produced into the 2014 AQUOS Q+ TV models. This whole technology has been guided as the smart guide incorporating all the primary sources such as satellite, cable, and few streaming television channels.

  1. Is the Sharp Aquos compatible with Netflix?

Netflix is merely available in the Dolby Vision and HDR on the select Sharp TVs.

  1. How can you download the apps on your Sharp Aquos Net+?

First of all, you have to choose the Play Store app from the main home screen and then choose the App option by using the Sharp Smart TV remote. Now choose any of the sorting options by swiping right or left. Scroll down to the specific app for the installation and click the “OK” option.


To sum up, Sharp has always made itself to be one of the most desirable ones in the list of big elegant screens. It is not just unique in its features but even available at an affordable price. Trust me; you won’t be finding any of its features available in any other TV company concerning the price.

For including apps to Sharp Aquos TV, follow the guidelines we have discussed above for you and take the best fun from your favorite TV shows, movies or games.