DVDs can never go out of fashion. It brings out memories of childhood when we all wanted to collect CDs/DVDs of our favorite movies, songs and figure out ways to connect them with our old TV.

As technology takes the turning point, we left all the media devices, including DVD players, in the past. However, some of us stuck there and would like to visit old-school even in the modern era. Therefore, even after having Smart TV at our houses, we would still like to connect a DVD player and enjoy those old times again.How to Connect DVD Player to Samsung Smart TV with HDMI Cable

Thus, I will discuss how to connect DVD Player to Samsung Smart TV with HDMI cable. As we know that, Smart TVs of any brand comes with wired or wireless connectivity inputs. Wired connections may include HDMI, USB, VGA port, RCS Link, etc. Still, HDMI cable is the easiest yet reliable way to connect two digital devices and get audio and video streaming altogether.

It is a quick process that consists of few easy steps.

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Connect DVD Player to Samsung Smart TV with HDMI Cable

  • Get the HDMI cable from any nearest store. It is readily available, and its length can be customized, so choose according to your need.
  • Find the HDMI input at your Samsung Smart TV back panel and insert one end of the HDMI cable there.
  • Put the other end of the HDMI cable to the DVD player.
  • Turn on both devices now.
  • Go to the Menu option from the Home screen.
  • Select the HDMI option following the Source option. Also, you can press the source button on your remote control and start using the DVD player in no time.
  • That’s it. You are ready to go.

Isn’t it the easiest and quick way to connect any DVD player to the Samsung Smart TV? Also, this process applies to any new or old model of Samsung TVs. So, no worries if you have an old model TV.

Moreover, you can disconnect both devices using your remote control. You only have to switch from HDMI to your TV mode, and it will stop streaming the DVD content.



  • How can I connect my DVD player to Smart TV?

You can utilize any available input in your Smart TV and connect both devices. The input that supports this connection includes HDMI, Composite, and S-Video cable input. If your HDMI input is fully occupied, you can use the adaptor and insert it in the USB cable to benefit HDMI functions.

  • Why my DVD won’t connect to my Smart TV?

Ensure both devices are correctly connected. Try reconnecting. Or, you make sure you are inserting the suitable cable at the correct input. In addition, try different sources on your TV by using your remote control.

  • Can I connect an old DVD player to New Smart TV?

Of course, you can. Just find the HDMI inputs in both devices and connect already. DVD or TV models does not have to do anything with connections as far as you have inputs available on the devices. You can connect them all.


Connecting two or more digital devices is no longer a time-consuming task as brands integrating multiple connectivity inputs to pair several devices simultaneously, making things easier for you. Here, in the article, we discussed how to connect a DVD player to Samsung Smart TV with HDMI cable that is must available in every old or modern digital device.