How to Connect Philips Smart TV to Wi-Fi Without Remote?

Philips is a famous, trustworthy, and reliable brand for smart TVs. From crafting with premium materials to integrating impressive features, it has been producing the best quality products for decades now. Also, Philips smart TVs have an intuitive UI that instantly grabs the user’s attention and offers easy control.

Though smart TVs are a bigger version of smartphones, and the interface is relatively familiar to everyone. Still, Philips is kind enough to offer a handy remote control for quick features customizations, access to specs, customize the display, switch connections, etc.

However, smart TV requires the internet to access the digital world. You can easily download applications, stream your favorite content, and play online games once you are connected. And, you can quickly connect your Wi-Fi to your Philips smart TV using a remote control.

But, the possibility of losing the remote control is not new. We all have been there, but we must know the basics of using our smart TV without a remote, let alone connecting it to the Wi-Fi.

Connect Philips Smart TV to Wi-Fi Without Remote

There are many ways to get the job done, but this quick way is our favorite. It will hardly take a few seconds and let you use your Philips smart TV without any hurdle.

USB Devices

Many smart TVs come with USB input that lets you connect your USB flash drive or other devices with similar compatibility. Also, if you have any spare Keyboard or Mouse lying around in the house or already using it with your desktop PC, you can make it useful for your Philips smart TV too.

Here’s how.

  • Find the USB port input in your Philips smart TV.
  • Get the USB cord
  • Grab your USB keyboard and Mouse.
  • Connect both devices to the smart TV
  • Go to the Philips TV settings and connect Wi-Fi

You are set to use Mouse and Keyboard as an alternative to the remote control.

Connect Ethernet Cable

Another way to get internet signals on your Philips Smart TV is by connecting an Ethernet cable. Fortunately, every smart TV now includes Ethernet cable input as a reasonable alternative to a wireless connection that becomes useful in such hard times. You only have to:

  • Find Ethernet input at the rear panel of your Philips smart TV.
  • Place your router nearby Philips TV for easy connection or get a long enough cable.
  • Put one end of Ethernet to TV and another end to the TV.
  • Your smart TV should receive signals directly from the modem.

Once your smart TV connects to the Ethernet for the internet, you can now use a dedicated or compatible phone app to navigate settings further or use the TV. It is easier than you think, and almost all smart TVs have dedicated apps with a remote control interface for understanding.

Bottom Line

So, no worries if your remote control has stopped working or you can’t find it anywhere in the house. You have now learned alternative ways to use your Philips smart TV, especially connect it to the internet.

Happy streaming!


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