How to Enable G-Sync

G-Sync is a proprietary adaptive Sync technology, usually integrates into the best gaming monitors or TVs to eliminate screen tearing, stuttering, or reducing input lag for a smooth gaming experience. Also, enabling the G-Sync technology makes the FPS fluctuations smoother on Display, making the screen completely free of distractions for seamless gaming sessions.

How to Enable G-Sync?

G-Sync technology is heaven for fast-action games because the screen tends to fluctuate frames, resulting in annoying ghosting. Frequent ghosting can lead to severe consequences like losing the game on bad terms.

G-Sync and Gaming Monitors

Fortunately, all the gaming monitors offer this premium technology, which is enabled by default. You can contact the manufacturer or check in the manual guide if this feature is available on your monitor. Besides, the screen will be smooth while streaming movies or playing action-oriented games, letting you know the benefits of this feature.

However, monitors with these premium features are relatively pricey but worth every penny. Still, if you are not concerned about its benefits or functionality, this little guide will help you learn. Also, it answers your most common question, “How do I know if G-Sync is working or not?”


This technology enhances the graphical performance of gaming monitors, TVs, and Laptops for smooth and immersive gaming. This special Nvidia technology functions only when your device is connected to Nvidia compatible graphics card. So, if you are eager to use G-Sync on your monitor, check the graphic card compatibility or the third-party G-Sync compatible GPU in your monitor.

How to Check if G-Sync is Working?

Even though the smooth and gentle screen will speak for itself, if you want to check if the G-Sync is enabled on your device for the current playing game, you can check in seconds.

Click on the Display followed by the Nvidia control menu bar, and then go to the G-Sync indicator. If it is on, know that the G-Sync is fully functional in the game, and there will be no stuttering, juddering, or tearing on the screen.

However, if it is not enabled, you can make it functional by following a few easy steps.

How to Enable G-Sync?

If your monitor is G-Sync compatible and is enabled, you have to turn it off and take advantage of the premium technology. Follow these steps and surprise yourself while playing Fortnite or related games.

  1. Go to the Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Click on Display
  3. Tap on “Set up G-Sync,” and another window will pop up where you should see a checking box against G-Sync
  4. Hit on the check box of the Enable G-Sync
  5. Now select the full-screen or Windowed mode according to your requirements


Now you can fully enjoy G-Sync capability on your monitor’s screen. However, make sure your monitor is G-Sync compatible before getting into this whole setup process

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