How to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen

When you are obsessed with your favorite TV series, and suddenly the screen goes black! I can imagine the frustration. Also, when you are not fully aware of the reason, it can be no less than a nightmare.

How to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen

It invites horrible thoughts like,

Do I need to replace the TV?

Maintenance cost, again?

How long would I go without a TV? Etc.

But fortunately, if you are using a Samsung TV, fixing the black screen issue is not complex as it seems. You don’t need special assistance troubleshooting the Samsung TV black screen because we will guide you through every possible reason and the methods to fix this.

So, allow me to walk you through possible causes and the process of how to fix Samsung TV black screen.

Why did the screen go Black?

The major or primary reason for this disturbance could be power connectivity or poor connection with the connected streaming devices, like the OneConnect box.

Moreover, there is a possibility that you have enabled a power saver mode or sleep timer, which made the TV screen black after a certain time. Besides, firmware updates and software bugs can cause this problem too, so it is better to check each reason one by one and fix what you think is the cause.

Let’s learn how to fix this annoying issue.

Fix Samsung TV Black Screen

  1. Power Connection- Check

First, check the TV power connection and cables if they are loose or faulty, causing the black screen.

If your TV is connected to the external streaming device, double-check if the wires are:

  • Inserted in the right ports
  • Not loose and sits perfectly in the port
  • Are not damaged or need replacement
  • Compatible with your TV and external devices

If you find any of these reasons, fix it on the place, turn on the TV, and see if it works or not. Also, if you notice anything unusual with the cable wires like exposed wirings, bite marks, or burn signs, immediately replace them to prevent further damage.

  1. Invest in the Voltage Management Device

Sometimes when the TV receives high or low power voltage, it cannot consume or bear, resulting in a black death screen. So, it is smart to invest in the voltage management device that receives the voltage from the power outlet directly and delivers to the TV what’s necessary.

Using a voltage management device with every electronic device in the house prevents the risk of power surges. It also expands the lifespan of the devices by keeping them healthy and running.

  1. Power saver or Sleep Timer

Make sure to disable the sleep timer or power saver mode if enabled.

Considering the scenario and after checking all the wires, the other possible cause of this annoying issue could be mismanagement with the TV’s built-in functions.

Though sleep timer and power saver mode have many appealing features and help the user monitor its screen timing or save the energy power it consumes by reducing the screen brightness, they can cause disturbing issues like the black screen in the middle of a sports match.

So, make sure to disable them to enjoy smooth TV streaming.

But wait. You know how to enable or disable this function, right? If not, follow these easy steps to fight the cause.

  • Go to the TV settings by pressing the “Menu” button on the remote
  • Select ‘General” and then go to the Device/System Manager
  • Now select Time and then Sleep timer
  • You will see two options, On or Off. Select the Off to disable it.

In case of power-saver mode:

  • Go to TV settings and select General
  • Select the “Eco solution.”
  • Choose the Power saving mode and adjust the settings
  • We recommend turning it off or set to the low
  1. Samsung Customer Service

These are the most popular issues that can cause this deadly black screen, and we have discussed how you can possibly fix it. However, if you failed to do so, try the Samsung customer service, which is one of a kind with its extremely friendly and understanding staff. They will further guide or send someone to help.

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