TCL Roku TV is like a dream come true. Once you invest in this tv, you will have heavenly entertainment because it can provide the pleasure of streaming live tv channels like news or sports or record shows to watch later. It also gives you access to online streaming platforms with luxurious built-in functions.

However, you may encounter some possible issues with the TCL Roku TV like any other TV. The most common one is the black screen. Many people recorded the trouble of experiencing the screen going dark while watching the content, but the sound remains intact. However, sometimes it gets dead black with no sound, giving the vibes of power off the TV even when you watched the show seconds before.

How to Fix TCL Roku TV Black Screen

Anyways, if you experience flickering or blinking resulting in the black screen of your TCL Roku TV, we will discuss the possible reasons followed by how to fix them.

Restart TV

First and foremost, don’t panic and restart the TV. It could be any power issue, or the TV was turned on for quite some time and needed a break. Check the power socket, cable, and any third-party entertainment source connected to the TV. Make sure everything is turned on.

Also, don’t use the remote control while turning on the TV. Instead, use the TV panel and press the power button. In addition, power cycle or reboot the TV in three easy steps.

  1. Turn off the TV and wait until all the lights go off.
  2. Unplug the socket. Don’t plug it back for 2-3 minutes. The power cable should be good as new.
  3. Plug it back. And turn on the TV from the panel.

Or another method to reboot the TCL Roku TV is to press the reset button present on the side panel for a few seconds and turn on the TV. It should fix the issue.


Check the Remote Control

What if there is nothing wrong with TV and the remote control is a real predator? Yes, when the control messes things up, it can get real. So, ensure it works perfectly fine; better to replace it if you doubt its functionality.

Or you can power cycle the remote control following these easy steps.

  1. Remove the batteries and wait
  2. Insert the new batteries and try changing the volume; if it’s working fine, it’s good to go.
  3. Don’t get into other TV functions at the start.

Check the Cables

Another most important thing to carry on the troubleshooting is checking the cables. Here are some points to consider.

  • Check all the cables are inserted in the right input ports
  • Check if the cables are loose, damaged, exposed, or burned
  • Double-check the HDMI cable. Better to replace it even if you have any doubt.

Firmware Updates

This annoying thing with the Android ecosystem innovation is that it works smoothly with the new updates and disturbs you if you didn’t update yet. It will remind you to update by causing flicker, lag, or sometimes turning the screen into dead black.

So, don’t forget to update your TCL Roku TV with its latest version and frequently check if any updates have come so far.

Here’s how you can do the deed.

  • Get the remote control and press the home button
  • Go to the settings menu and navigate to the more settings
  • Choose About followed by device preference
  • System update and a box will appear on the screen. Select network update
  • The TV will search for any update and show you on the screen if any.
  • Update it right away and continue using your TV smoothly.

Bottom Line

TV is the only entertainment source that all the family members enjoy, whether by watching sport or any show. So, it has not promoted discomfort, annoyance, or disturbance.

The most irritating thing a TV can do is turned off between the show, or if I say, the screen goes black suddenly. It invites many horrible thoughts. Therefore, we have discussed how to fix the TCL Roku TV black screen. Please give it a read and save some dollars of maintenance.