how to fix toshiba tv black screen

Having a TV is not only about entertainment; you have to face technical issues, like the screen going black or the sound going off.

It is not hard to fix if you are also a victim of any of the issues, especially with the Toshiba TV. We will briefly discuss some common reasons for Toshiba tv black screen and then how to fix them. Certainly, you don’t need any special technical skills if you encounter any one of these problems. However, if the issue is beyond your control, it is safe to contact the Toshiba control center.

How to Fix Toshiba TV Black Screen

Now, let’s dig deep into how to fix the Toshiba tv black screen, so you can enjoy watching your favorite content smoothly, without any annoying hassle.

Power Connection

Did you check the power connection of your Toshiba tv? Is it properly connected with the correct power cable, and the plug is switched on? Also, if you have connected the tv with a third-party entertainment source like OneConnect box or Roku, ensure they are turned on and properly connected with the TV.

Double-check the connection, especially the cable. If the cable is damaged, exposed, or loose, don’t waste time here and replace it. Don’t forget to check the HDMI cable because it tends to damage more frequently than others. If you feel anything off about the cables, don’t think twice and replace them.

Then turn on the tv using the power button of the Toshiba panel. Sometimes the remote stop working, and we think that our tv is at fault. If the tv still doesn’t respond, use the remote control with the new batteries. Your tv should be turned on with a bright display and loud sound.

If not, let’s jump to the next possible reason for the constant black screen.

Sleep Timer

Do you remember turning on the sleep timer, or maybe you accidentally turned it on while playing with other built-in functions?

Remember, if the sleep timer is activated on your Toshiba tv, it will turn off the screen after a certain time, leaving you confused about what happened to the tv.

So, quickly go to the tv settings using a remote, then go to general and see if the sleep timer is activated. Please turn it off immediately and go back to smoothly watching the content.

Backlight issues

Toshiba LCD TVs have been reporting this issue because the backlight that illuminates the display images can struggle a little, causing flickering or a black screen.

In case of a backlight malfunction, you need to replace it professionally. It may cost you a little more than you imagined, but better than replacing the tv.

Reboot/ force Reset the TV

Sometimes when the tv settings are too messed up, and you can’t understand anything, it is better to reset the tv and turn it to almost new. Apart from sleep timer activation, you might be turned on the power saver mode or other modes that reduce the screen brightness or modes that turn off the screen for any reason. So, reboot the Toshiba tv during such times and make all the settings default.


We have discussed some common reasons that can turn the working screen of the tv into black. If any of these reasons and their fixing procedure doesn’t go well with you, maybe it’s time to replace the tv.

However, you can call professional assistance or the Toshiba service center for advanced settings.

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