Smart TVs are designed to provide an immersive watching experience with their features and compelling hardware. But, when the screen starts freezing, crashing, lagging, or buffering, it ruins the whole vibe of the content. It usually doesn’t happen with Vizio smart TV, but when it does, it needs to be fixed before the issue gets serious and requires professional maintenance.

How to Fix Vizio Smart TV Lagging?

This article will be shedding some light on some common reasons for lagging or freezing, and I assure you that this is normal with the TVs and you don’t have to worry and end up buying the new one. Trust the process, examine what could be your TV’s issue, and fix it right away.

Poor Internet Connection

The most common reason for Vizio smart TV lagging is a poor internet connection. There is a huge chance that your slow internet connection is at fault and causing the annoying lags or buffering. So, update your current Internet package plan, fix the connection, and enjoy smooth streaming.

Vizio TV Demands to Upgrade

Unfortunately, every smart device runs based on the software version usually has an expiry date. That’s why the sources continuously send version updates so the device wouldn’t make any issues, like lagging, crashing, or buffering. Similarly, another possibility for Vizio smart TV lagging could be the older version of the system.

Updating the smart TV software fixes the lagging problems. It deals with security and bug fixes issues responsible for slowing down the system and creating a disturbance while operating it. So, try updating the Vizio smart TV software from the settings, restart the TV, and enjoy smooth watching.

Factory Reset or Rebooting the Device

Like our smartphones, smart TVs can also be a victim of glitches, and refreshing them can solve all the lag issues in minutes.

You can start by uninstalling the unnecessary applications or any data not required on the smart TV. It will give enough room for the necessary applications to run smoothly and not cause any glitch in the code lines.

Also, a factory reset may delete all the apps by default, and it is sort of good practice. You can then download the required one and provide them with a safe running environment.

Contact Customer Support

If any mentioned explanations fail to fix the lag issue, the last option you have is to contact the customer support of Vizio. They would guide you with other possible solutions or come to your place to fix it by themselves. However, no worries, detecting the cause can be a little disturbing, but this issue is nothing that can’t be fixed.

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Bottom Line

Understandably, a small glitch or buffering in the middle of the show streaming can be super annoying, and we always end up thinking that we need to upgrade our TV. Well, it can never always be the case. This article will help you identify some of the common issues causing the lags in your TV. Try one of them and let us know which works for you.