How to see YouTube comments on smart TV

The short answer is that it can’t be done. Youtube doesn’t allow users this level of interaction on the smart TV app.

The long answer is that you can get around this by connecting your phone or other mobile device to your TV’s YouTube app. Instructions for this method are below.

Connect Your Phone to your Smart TV to see the YouTube comments

Follow these quick steps to connect your phone and view the comments section.

  • To use the feature, you’ll need to log in to the YouTube app on your TV and phone.
  • Open the app on your TV.
  • Open the YouTube app on your phone.
  • Finally, you’ll be prompted to click Connect.

You will then be able to view the comments and manage what video is playing from your phone like a sort of smart remote.

Why this is a good solution

Youtube is one of the most popular websites/social medias in the world. Many people watch youtube videos now instead of cable TV or streamable TV/movies. A recent study showed that a huge majority of people are on their phones while watching TV, and logically by extension they are on their phones while watching Youtube or other streaming services. This is a good solution to viewing Youtube comments on a smart TV because most people are already on their phones, quickly connecting your phone is not that much of a hassle to see the comments on a video.

A Smart TV is an exciting device with much more functionality than a “dumb” TV. Most smart TVs natively connect with the major streaming apps, allowing you to watch all of your favorite shows or videos. You can open YouTube and watch your favorite videos on the big TV screen. Sometimes the YouTube application is available as default, but depending on your device you will most likely be able to add it without getting new hardware. It is easy to use on mobile phones, but the video quality on smart TV will be significantly better.