Smart TVs have become an integral part of our daily lives, but we are still learning to operate them. Every hidden feature feels like a mystery, but it has made our lives super easier and full of entertainment.

Thanks to the LG Smart TV, we are now not restricted to the tiny screens of our smartphones for watching videos or streaming Netflix. Downloading and accessing apps and online streaming platforms on LG smart TV is super smooth due to the user-friendly yet compelling WebOS. Besides, watching digital content in high definition or Ultra HD resolution is now possible with the LG smart TV.

However, like smartphones, the downloaded apps in LG smart TV also require continuous updates. The updates fix bug issues, enhance the overall usage, and bring any additional feature that the App has introduced. So, we will briefly discuss how to update Apps on LG smart TV so that you can keep them updated for smooth and lag-free use.

Firmware Update

Before updating the Apps on LG smart TV, you need to check if your TV firmware is updated to the latest version. The Apps may not work properly even after the update if the TV runs on the oldest firmware.

Also, Apps remain under the firmware, so logically updating it before the App makes sense. Besides, the firmware update is not regular, but it happens when the smart TV needs major bug fixes, adding new features, enhancing existing codes, etc.

There are two ways to update firmware, one requires only an internet connection, and the other is quite tricky. You can use a USB flash drive with the necessary files to force the update, which is relatively unusual and confusing for many. So, we are discussing updating firmware via the internet

Firmware Update on WebOS

  • Go to the TV settings using your remote and click on the “All settings” option.
  • Go to General at the left sidebar and click on the “About this TV.”
  • Now click on the Automatic updates and tap on the Check for updates.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install and update the new firmware.

Update Apps on LG Smart TV

Since your TV firmware is updated, you can now update your downloaded apps (if their updates are on schedule) and continue using them without any issues. Also, the updating process is pretty straightforward, but ensure your TV is connecting to a stable internet connection. Now, follow these steps to get the job done in minutes.

  • Grab the remote control and press the home/Menu button
  • Now go to the LG content store and tap on Apps
  • Go to My apps, and you will see the list of all the downloaded apps on your LG smart TV
  • Click on each App and check if the update is available.
  • Update Apps individually, or you can press the “Update All” option, and all the Apps will start updating simultaneously.