Hulu is a famous online streaming platform that offers unlimited entertainment hours with a huge library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and live streaming. It is an incredible platform that offers multiple-language subtitles, excellent display quality, and lots of genres for everyone.

Hulu is a known platform that can be accessed on any smart device. You can stream Hulu on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even smart TVs. Yes, many smart TVs include the Hulu app as the default streaming platform, but you have to add your profile credentials and buy any purchasing plan before watching anything. However, the basic plan that is only $7 per month comes with a few commercials, but it shouldn’t bother you considering the affordable subscription compared to other streaming platforms.

Download Hulu on Smart TV

Though we have seen Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu on many smart TVs, if your TV doesn’t have it, you can easily download the app from your respective store.

Here’s how you can get Hulu on your smart TV.

  • Turn on your smart TV.
  • Ensure it is connected to the internet.
  • Grab the remote control and press the home button.
  • Many smart TVs have an Apps button, whereas many have Google or App store. Go to your respective area to download apps. Besides, you can also utilize the voice assistant feature if your smart TV supports it.
  • Now, here you should see a search icon. You should write Hulu in there and hit enter button.
  • Download, install and launch the Hulu app on your TV.
  • Add your username and password, sign in to start streaming Hulu.

Hulu Settings on smart TV

You can access the Hulu setting option by tapping on your profile and pressing the Manage account option. It will take you to all the settings you can customize. Besides, the phone will only let you create or manage a profile or set subtitles, but the web versions can help you make high-end changes to your account.

Creating Profiles

Hulu is your personal streaming platform where you can create your own profile that keeps track of your watching history, watch list, and gives you recommendations according to your preferences. Besides, the platform allows six profiles in a single platform, and switching the profile is a walk in the park.

Kids Profile

Moreover, if you create a profile for kids, you can toggle on to Kids mode while creating a profile. It will restrict the profile to the Hulu kids section.

Video Quality

Hulu also allows you to check and set the video quality according to your requirements. The platform offers different resolutions, from standard definition to 4K Ultra HD. But, it delivers the video quality according to the content compatibility, your device support, and your internet. However, a small icon should appear at the bottom of your display during the streaming where you can set the quality between Best quality or Data server.


You can turn on or off subtitles during the streaming using your remote control or the setting options. The process of managing subtitles varies with your devices. But you can easily set the language, enable or disable automatic subtitles, etc.