Is It Worth Buying a 65 Inch TV

A Smart TV is like a giant phone with a massive screen size in your room as it offers almost all the functions you can find on your smartphone. Smart TVs are pretty much in demand lately because of the integration of all the advanced technology that surprises us with each passing day.

Since TVs come in different sizes, colors, or even designs, and choosing the perfect size seems a confusing task. However, 55 inches or 65 Inch TV gets successful in grabbing attention as it is considered a premium TV size for living rooms, offices, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Is It Worth Buying a 65 Inch TV?

But is it worth buying a 65 inch TV? The short answer could be, if you have enough space to set 65 Inch TV or afford it, you must get one for yourself. Moreover, a 65 Inch TV also throws cinematic vibes when you mount it on the wall in the living room, or you can also set it in your bedroom if you are lucky enough to save ample space.

Big screen, Big Budget

Is It Worth Buying a 65 Inch TV

Fortunately, a big screen-size TV does not mean spending a lot of money or expanding your budget to treat yourself. Instead, several unique brands in the market offer the best quality 65 Inch TV in an affordable price range. Furthermore, you can easily get 4K or 8K resolution HD LED TVs for under $1000. In addition, brands like Samsung, TCL, VIZIO are offering 65 Inch TV with impressive specs and exceptional display quality in the range of $1000- $1500.

The best thing about a big screen size smart TV is that you can utilize it for many reasons. You will get dramatic experience while watching shows, movies, Documentaries with terrific display quality, and if you are a gamer, then a 65 inch TV will be heaven for you.

Moreover, you will get plenty of attractive features when you are spending a huge amount of money. Some of them are: lots of wired and wireless connectivity options to pair different digital devices, a great sound system, a dedicated UI, voice control, high pixel density, rich color production, and remarkable uniformity on the screen.

Create enough Space

That’s the factor you should be worried about after the budgeting. Yes, a 65 Inch TV is enormous, and it won’t look good in short bedrooms or living rooms with limited capacity. So, before deciding to purchase this TV, ask yourself if you have enough space to set the TV and accommodate the audience for a better viewing experience.

Since a 65 Inch TV is a piece of technology and has some settings to deliver the desired picture quality, it demands maintaining a distance of seven feet for a better viewing angle. Better plan beforehand the whole setup because you do not want to waste your time, effort, and money over a thing you can not keep.

Furthermore, a giant size TV becomes a trend considering its rising demand in the market. So, it is now a part of your home décor. Therefore, it is better to purchase a 65 Inch TV that goes well with your Furniture and surrounding. However, Dedicating a room with a complete setup of external speakers, gaming consoles, other digital devices for a connection, plenty of space for the audience to adjust could be a dreamy environment.


  • What is the best 65 Inch TV?

In 2021, the best 65 Inch TV could be the Q80T series of Samsung, TCL 5 and 6-series, Sony A8H, and VIZIO H1 series.

  • Is 65 Inch TV is too big for a bedroom?

If you can sustain a distance of around eight feet, it is not too big to watch. However, it wouldn’t look good in the small spaces.

  • Should I get a 65 or 55 Inch TV?

Well, the bigger, the better. If you can afford and have enough space to fix 65 Inch TV, you must go for it.



It’s worth buying a 65 Inch TV in this modern era where the screen sizes go bigger for experiencing the cinematic vibes at your home. In addition, it comes with exciting features that would deliver any content you would like to stream at your comfort level. So, it will be your one-time purchase for a pretty long time; make the most out of it.

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