What is FLINK?

FLINK offers convenient and affordable services for people who don’t want to miss the comfort of mobile WiFi access during their travels. Based in Vienna, Austria, we provide worldwide rentable and purchasable mobile WiFi hotspots with unlimited data usage at fair daily rates.

With the FLINK International Hotspot you can travel and stay connected in over 100 countries worldwide without worrying about roaming charges or the hassle of swapping local SIM cards.

Why Choose FLINK?

Unlimited Data High-Speed High-Security Coverage in
FLINK Hotspot


  • Hassle-free Solution – connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Coverage in 100+ countries
  • Connected throughout your whole trip
Your own
Mobile Carrier


  • Can be extremely expensive when roaming abroad
  • Roaming packages must be organized before trip (contract commitment)
  • Tethering abroad often not allowed
SIM Cards


  • Own SIM card has to be changed – not reachable on own number anymore.
  • Only for one device
  • Only usable in one Country/Zone
Free WiFi
(e.g Hotels)


  • Unsecure
  • Unstable
  • Slow Speed

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