Setup Mac Mini with Bluetooth Keyboard

Did you just make your first-ever purchase of Mac mini, and you are struggling with its setup? No worries! All our firsts can be frustrating, and we have to find a way to adjust to them instead of giving up.

Apple Mac Mini

Mac mini is quite an expensive purchase and comes with a power cable and a few documents. You need to get an external monitor, mouse, trackpad, and keyboard to make it a running device. The Mac mini comes with a Thunderbolt HDMI port that connects a 5K Thunderbolt display or even a 1080p resolution monitor.

But, the primary matter is setting up the entire device for the main show. For that, you might need a keyboard. Thanks to the pair of USB 3.1 ports, your old keyboards will still connect with a new Mac mini. But, if you opt to make a brand new purchase or end up with a wireless keyboard, this is a quick setup guide.

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Setup Mac Mini with Bluetooth Keyboard

Setting up a Mac mini with a wireless keyboard is actually easy. It does not require you to have any professional assistance. I will focus the entire process on how you can enable wireless connectivity and bring your Mac mini into function.

What you’ll need

  • External monitor
  • Mac Mini
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • Monitor cable
  • Trackpad
  • Lightning to USB cable

Setting the Hardware

Step 1:

Set the entire system somewhere you have access to at least two power plugs—plug in your monitor and Mac mini.

Step 2:

Now, connect the Mac mini with the external monitor using a monitor cable.

Step 3:

Now, grab any old or Bluetooth keyboard and attach it to the trackpad via a lightning to USB cable, so the keyboard gets charged and ready to pair via Bluetooth connection. Once the battery is charged, you can disconnect both devices.

Step 4:

Once you are done with connecting and pairing all the hardware systems, the cables are on point. Now, you are ready for a big step. Turn on the Mac mini and get to the real work.

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Software Setting

  1. After turning on the Mac mini, you will see a typical Apple welcome screen.
  2. Once you move ahead, you will see all the Apple traditional setting options. Follow all the on-screen instructions and continue.
  3. After selecting your country, Apple will automatically detect your keyboard and ask you to select it from a drop-down menu.
  4. Now, enter your WiFi credentials and then sign in with your Apple ID. Your keyboard should work perfectly at this point.
  5. You can manually adjust Siri, location, and other functions in your device or let Apple decide for you.

Setup Mac Mini with Bluetooth Keyboard

An alternative setup option

  • You may pass the installation process with your USB keyboard until now, but it’s time to set up the Bluetooth keyboard with your Mac mini. However, if you don’t have access to any old keyboard, you can use a mouse and follow on-screen instructions to set up the Mac mini.
  • Turn on your Mac mini and external monitor. Go to the system preference followed by the desktop menu.
  • Hit the Keyboard option and choose “setup Bluetooth keyboard.”
  • If you don’t find your keyboard option yet, ensure the Bluetooth keyboard is in discovery mode.
  • Once the system detects the Bluetooth keyboard, it will ask you to enter a sequence of six digits for confirmation. Enter and hit the return button at the end.
  • Your new Bluetooth keyboard is all set to work with your Mac mini. Enjoy!

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