Two Different Graphic Cards For Two Monitors is the most common and best solution for running multiple monitors. This approach is also called Dual-GPU (dual graphics processing unit) or Crossfire / SLI (Scalable Link Interface).

This method allows you to run two different graphic cards from the same PC, each one powering a separate monitor. Both graphic cards will be powered by the same PC and connected to separate monitors. By doing so, you will be able to run games or other graphic demanding applications on each monitor at native resolution (full HD 1080p).

You can also connect one graphics card to two different monitors, but this is not recommended, as explained in the Dual Monitors article. This option gives you a better experience while gaming and running 3D applications since there won’t be any performance drop if both monitors display the same images at full HD 1080 p.

This solution is the best choice for running two different graphic cards and maximizing their gaming performance. If you are interested in this option, but your graphics card does not support Crossfire/SLI, external graphic cards do the same thing as internal ones but can be connected to any PC.

The Complete Step by step Guide on How To Set up Dual Graphics Cards:

First of all, you will need two graphic cards, as already mentioned above. Then you will have to open your PC case and install both of them into the motherboard.

The next step is connecting both graphic cards, working in tandem (Crossfire/SLI). If your motherboard supports it, you can connect the two graphics cards using an external bridge or internal cable.

The next step is installing software that will run Crossfire / SLI for you automatically when building a gaming computer with multiple monitors or as a stand-alone application.

The last step is connecting your monitors to graphic cards and setting them up correctly. Usually, this is done in the display settings inside your computer. Still, it might also be possible if you want to install an additional program or driver that will let you set up your monitor(s).

Two Different Graphics Cards For Two Monitors With One Monitor

Dual monitors with dual graphic cards are a solution for those who want to carry out different tasks to enhance their productivity. With this approach, you can run one monitor with your primary task and the second screen for secondary activity, like watching videos on YouTube or reading news. It is also possible to have both monitors as a single large display using multiple desktops.

Moreover, this solution is perfect for gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience even more than running only one monitor at full HD 1080 p resolution. By connecting two different graphic cards, you will play games on each monitor simultaneously.

This solution gives you a better gaming experience and more productivity when compared with a single monitor, even if it is a high-definition screen. Still, there’s no performance gain compared to running both monitors at full HD 1080 p resolution. This approach is also perfect for those who want to use dual monitors for their work and play games or watch videos (because of having two different displays).