TV shopping in this competitive era is quite tricky because there are many options to choose from. Unlike older times, when every household has that 24 Inch Philips or Samsung TV lying in their living rooms, now we have TVs in different sizes, designs, textures, and of course, colors. People seem to be getting a TV that goes well with their home décor, furniture, paint, etc.What TV Should I Buy for 1000

Well, I am here to make things easy for you. A Smart TV definitely can be a valuable purchase of your home, provides you an escape from the regular phone scrolling that gives nothing but a headache because seeing the same thing every day can be tedious. Besides, a Smart TV has a lot to offer with its exciting built-in features, and it can be available for under $1000.

Yes, here are some suggestions that you can count on while making the TV purchase decision. Because I believe everyone has different reasons to get a TV, so considering several purposes could be a thoughtful way to start.

What TV Should I Buy for $1000?

Since you are here, I assume you have set the budget of 1000 dollars for TV shopping. So, if the screen size is what matters to you, then you should not settle for less than 65 Inches TV. It is a new standard size TV worldwide and can be considered ideal screen size for streaming Movies, Shows, and playing games.

In addition, you can get 65 or 75 Inch Smart TV under $1000 from different brands, including TCL from its 5 or 6 series that comes with Roku Smart TV OS. You can also consider Samsung Q60T Smart TV, Sony’s latest Smart TV series, and many others under your budget. All of them never compromise on picture quality, upgrading to be best with each passing day to make your life enjoyable.

Best TV under $1000

Moreover, Samsung or Sony TVs seems decent in appearance with matte color finishing and unique textures. However, if you still want to go bold, you can consider LG Smart TVs that slightly focus on funky designs and glossy looks. Likewise, TCL introduces the Roku TV platform in their TV product line to bring mysterious add-ons like FM, live TV channels, especially sports, news, and stuff like that. It also opens doors for downloading multiple online platform apps for streaming content in HD. However, Sony and Samsung have their own OS that makes the difference and helps them stand out among competitors.

Factors should I consider when buying a TV for $1000

It is a huge amount to pay for a Smart TV. But, considering the rising competition, we can expect TVs with a hefty price tag than that. However, you still have not to compromise on few factors when paying a massive amount of $.

  • Big Screens: The bigger, the better. If you are a gamer, getting a 40 Inch TV for $1000 can be a waste of money. You should never settle for less than 65 Inches at this price. However, you can make little compromises on the Texture, colors, design of the TV.
  • Display Technology: Now, the TV market has various display technology that plays a vital role in shaping the display. LCD or LEDs are going to be old-school fashion, and OLEDs are taking giant market share. At this price, you can easily get OLED display panels. But, never settle for the LCD. If the OLED exceeds the budget, you can get an LED display four times better than the previous panels.
  • Smart Features: Built-in Voice control, gaming features (not advanced), user-friendly interface, and a smart TV OS with maximum features should be your priority.
  • Connections: You are not thinking of settling for few inputs for pairing TV with other devices, are you?
  • Display Performance: We are not expecting much, but an excellent upscaling, rich and accurate colors, peak brightness, and reasonable contrast ratio to make the impressive picture on the screen is our right over $1000.


I believe when you are aware of your job, you will be enjoying every bit of it. The same goes for TV shopping, when you are sure about what you need, it becomes easy and quick. If you are still asking what TV should I buy for $1000, Read our detailed review and Buying guide article about best 65 Inch TV under 1000 and best 75 Inch TV under 1000


  • What TV size should I get under $1000?

Generally, TV size depends on the comfort of space you are having, but if you plan to fix the TV in the living room, get a 65 inch TV. However, 43 Inches would go well for bedrooms or Kid rooms.

  • What are reliable TV brands?

You can Trust LG C1, Samsung’s latest series, Sony TV, Hisense U8G, R8 series, and 5 or 6 series of TCL for reliability.

  • Which brands last longer?

Sony lasts longer than we’d expect. Sony integrates OLED panels in their TVs which is much better and durable than other panels we have. Also, being the oldest brand in the industry, it has gained tremendous experience in the field and produces the best quality product for its users.


The idea of what TV should I buy for $1000 should no longer disturb you as you got everything you need to know here. I hope this helps you make the right decision