Microsoft is a massive name in the history of technology, and it has provided us tons of valuable opportunities that help us boost our productivity in our daily lives. Microsoft has been giving us massive beneficial gains from working online to keeping our records/data safe and secure. However, Xbox is another incredible innovation of Microsoft for all the game lovers out there.

When Xbox is OFF, Turn off Storage?

Xbox is a gaming console that allows playing video games by connecting it to another digital device like TV, Monitor, Projector screen, etc. However, maintaining this expensive piece of device is quite tricky. Professionals suggest that when Xbox is off turn off storage. But, many Xbox beginners fail to know what it actually means and how turning off the storage impacts Xbox.

Since Xbox comes with 5 GB or 1 TB of internal storage that software, saved games, and other functions necessary to run the Xbox consumes. Unlike phones, you can not get rid of functions, apps, or installed software because it may impact your gaming. So, you need to maintain the storage to save yourself from making unnecessary storage purchases every time you want to save another game on your Xbox console.see more on getflinkWhen Xbox is OFF Turn off Storage

Impact of Turn Off Storage option on Xbox

Every Xbox user must be aware of the properties of a gaming console for better usage. First, whenever you plan to start the Xbox gaming console, it gives you two power modes. One is to start the console pretty fast, namely Instant-on, and the other is an energy-saving mode. The gaming console allows you to choose among both modes according to your priorities. Besides, if you opt for an Instant-on mode, there is also an option of when Xbox is off, turn off storage.

But, the question here arises, what does it mean when Xbox is off, turn off storage?

Basically, when you run your Xbox on an Instant-on mode, all the gaming console apps continuously upgrade, even when you turn off the Xbox. It can take lots of your internal storage and upgrade the apps you might not want to update. On the other hand, if you enable the when Xbox is off, turn off storage option, the hardware stops upgrading apps without your permission, especially when the gaming console is off.

So, if you are using an external hard disk and want to save the storage for upcoming exciting games, uncheck when Xbox is off and turn off storage from the Xbox settings. Also, do not worry about downloading and updating games under this option. Whenever the update derives from any particular app, the gaming console will notify you and ask for your permission to do it. All the other downloaded games are always ready to play and do not consume much time to start.

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How to enable When Xbox if off, turn off storage option

The process of enabling this option is easy and consists of these few simple steps.

  • Turn on your Xbox.
  • Press the button and open the guide.
  • By using navigation buttons, go to the settings by following the system option.
  • Choose the power and Setup option in the settings.
  • Look for the when Xbox is off, turn off storage option and check the option.
  • Press okay or Done and close the window.
  • The option will start working immiditaely.

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  • Which Xbox mode is better?

I think the energy-saving mode is better than Instant-on one because it usually consumes 30 times less energy than the other mode. Besides, you do not have to concern about app updations and other functions that you need to keep an eye on while running on different modes.

  • How many watts Xbox series consume?

Xbox One S consumes about 35-90 Watts based on the modes it is running. Xbox One consumes 70-120W, Wii U uses 35W, and PS3 Slim uses 85W.

  • Is it safe to leave my Xbox on all night?

It would not break your gaming console, but I would not suggest keeping it on while not in use because it may face the risk of damage by overheating.

  • Can I clear the persistent storage of my Xbox?

Of course, use the controller and go to the settings from the menu. Choose Disc & Blu-Ray option and select the Persistent storage option. Now, clear persistent storage and restart your Xbox.


Playing exciting video games on this expensive gaming console is not tricky as maintaining them and ensure their durability. It requires effort, time, and dedication to keep your gadgets safe from any risk or damage. There are so many hidden functions that you can use and double the fun of playing without getting yourself in trouble. When Xbox is off, turn off storage is another way to maintain the internal storage and update the software when needed.