Why My LG Smart TV Home Button Not Working

LG is undoubtedly the best TV brand in the market with exclusively incredible products, crafting with premium quality, and integrating impressive features. Also, the user-friendly interface doesn’t give users a hard time navigating and playing with the features.

Thanks to the built-in voice control feature, switching channels, browsing content, managing volume becomes convenient from your couch. The remote control also has all the dedicated buttons to control the device effortlessly. But you should always be open to the possibilities of losing the remote or can’t get hold of Alexa.

Why My LG Smart TV Home Button Not Working?

In such cases, the TV home button comes to the recuses. The LG smart TV Home button is often used to open the menu where all the magic happens. However, sometimes the home button does not work, and many reasons can cause the issue.

Among many other possible reasons, disabling “Simplink,” setting the TV to “Home Auto Launch,” and enabling “Store Mode” could be the top ones. Nonetheless, malfunction of the TV could also make the home button stop working, so you need to diagnose the issue carefully and then take the corrective actions accordingly.

Cleaning the Dirt

Don’t panic because we will start with minor issues. For example: getting the dirt underneath the home button would make it hard to press, resulting in no working. And when you can’t press the button, the TV cannot make a connection to the electronics beneath it. So, the easy way to get rid of the dirt is cleaning or just pressing the button for a minute or two.

*Ensure the TV is powered off to save yourself from any potential electric threat.

Moreover, if the remote “Menu” button is not working properly, an object must come in between the TV that troubles the connection. You might need to play with your room settings to set the TV in the right place.

Mainboard Issues

If the dirt is not an issue, the hardware may cause this issue. Your LG TV may have a broken circuit or mainboard issues that you may not handle. It may require replacement or repair with LG’s expert staff, but don’t worry, the brand’s customer service is quite impressive.

Unfortunately, it may cost you around $150-$200, depending on the problem’s intensity. However, if you have an LG magic remote, you can re-register and fix the issue. You only need to push the “Home” and “Back” buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. You should see the LED indicators blinking; press the “OK” button to register.

Bottom Line

These are some of the common issues responsible for the home button not working. However, it is not an intense issue, so don’t worry. Diagnose the issue carefully, try to fix them by yourself, or contact LG customer service for further assistance.

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