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Smart TV – the nowadays TV generation and their sound OLED TVs are known for their superior picture quality and immersive viewing experience, but they often lack in the sound department. Many consumers find that the built-in speakers on OLED TVs are not up to par with the high-quality display, leading them to seek out…

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Thanks to technology TVs have had their fair share of evolvement. From analog to Smart, it has been a meteoric rise since the invention of digital TV. Right now, the world is spoilt for choice with TVs bragging of mind-blowing features.  Smart and Android TVs are running the show as of now – you may…

Buyers Guide 2022 – Things to Know Before Buying a Smart TV

Buying a smart TV is not easy as it sounds. A smart TV is your one-time investment that deserves considerable attention, research, and time because it is a great source of entertainment for the home.

A TV is an electronic device that can keep the whole family together. When everyone sits together to watch live sports, TV shows, movies, or play games together, it will create a bond between them. So, you need to be careful before buying a smart TV for your home.

Here is a detailed buying guide, whether you are making this important purchase for the first time or even a frequent buyer. This guide covers aspects from every corner that you may encounter when deciding to upgrade your smart TV. So, please give it a read and make your priorities accordingly.

Living room with TV

Display Considerations

Type of screen resolution: 4K, 8K or HD?

Before getting into screen resolution details, think about why you upgraded your smart TV and what content you expect to watch most frequently?

Screen resolution refers to how many pixels appear on the screen to create a picture. So, if there are a significant number of pixels, you can expect your final image to be more accurate and sharp. So, movie lovers or gamers prefer 4K or even 8K screen resolution, which means 3840 x 2160 pixels and 7680 by 4320 pixels, respectively. Such a resolution produces excellent display quality, letting you pay attention to details to deliver an immersive watching experience. However, the 4K or 8K resolution smart TVs would be slightly higher from the price perspective. Still, its display performance deserves every bit of it.

Apart from that, a regular and reasonable display quality stands at HD resolution. It refers to high-definition resolution with 720 pixels working on a screen. It is of fine quality if you get a smart TV for regular use.


When investing in a smart TV, the most important thing is a TV technology decision. We have that LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology that every brand used in different sizes in the old times. But they were not good enough to deliver an immersive watching experience.

Then the technology advanced, and LED (Light-Emitting Diode) screens came up that was a noticeable upgrade to LCDs and transformed the display quality entirely. Unlike LCD, LED is much better and brighter and delivers accurate content that the creator intends to deliver. Also, LED TVs are perfect for regular streaming or gaming and are reasonable in price.

QLED does not deserve arguing because it comes at the top priority. It is a type of technology that is a variation of LCD and LED that adds a quantum dot to enhances the display technology. With a higher brightness level, large screen sizes, durability with an affordable price tag is like a dream come true. Besides, professional gamers prefer QLED TVs, and they have their own understandable reasons.

Furthermore, the technology that emits its own light is OLED. Smart OLED TVs deliver wide viewing angles, high contrast ratio with deep blacks, and a lot more impressive features to attract you. Also, the benefits of the OLED panel justify its price tag with full confidence.

Different TV Brands

Different TV's

Many famous and trustworthy brands are available to make the buying decision a little complicated. Every famous brand launches its TV models with unique features, designs, and price tags to capture a competitive advantage.

Here is a detailed overview of some best smart TV brands ruling the TV industry for decades and proving themselves market leaders by achieving something different and worthy.

Sony TV

Everyone trusts the Sony brand when it comes to durability and reliability. Sony has been known as the best TV brand around the globe for years now. Despite delivering excellent build quality, the brand integrates its unique OS that keeps users hooked with exciting features.

Moreover, Sony has vast TV options under different categories that differ with screen sizes, resolution, features, and even price tag. People with certain priorities can directly explore that category and choose their desired product.

Samsung TV

Who doesn’t know Samsung? Undoubtedly, the Samsung brand does not need an introduction since it is a famous electronic brand worldwide, satisfying customers by manufacturing high-quality products.

Everything is on point in Samsung smart TV, from design to built-in hardware. The Samsung Tizen OS is another appealing feature that attracts consumers with its user-friendly interface and lots of pleasing functions for entertainment. So, it is worth buying the best Samsung Smart TV from the latest series if you think upgrading your existing one.


With great picture quality and stunning color production, TCL smart TVs are winning customers’ hearts. TCL smart TVs are perfect for streaming TV regularly or playing games with friends. The TCL brand has a variety of screen sizes, panels, and aspect ratios.

However, TCL is still in its early stages regarding technology integration. Smart TVs are not feature-rich compared to Sony or Samsung, but they make a good choice for routine streaming on a tight budget.


Among different categories of Vizio, its high-end smart TVs deliver incredible image quality with stunning accuracy and reasonable contrast ratio. All the TVs come with many connectivity ports and attractive built-in gaming features, making them the best TV for the game night.

Furthermore, the full-array local dimming integration in their smart TVs makes it suitable to function in dark rooms so that you can place the TV in bedrooms as well. However, despite being cheap and in good shape, there is still no guarantee for Vizio TVs to last longer than a few years.

Sceptre TV

If you don’t want a high-end TV for regular use, Sceptre has a great variety to offer. All the Sceptre TVs come with fine finishing to complement the home and office décor. Also, you might not get the good contrast and high color production because the brand is still producing standard TVs at an affordable price.

But the huge monitor with a crisp image, connectivity ports, and appealing design is worth considering.

Insignia TV

Insignia provides a good value of money with smart TV capabilities, LED panels, and a high-resolution display for crisp images. All the high and mid-range smart TVs of Insignia offer a high contrast ratio, lots of connectivity inputs, and an opportunity to play with display settings to make it according to your needs.

The variety of screen sizes gives you a significant choice to choose the desired TV according to your space. Besides, setting up and getting used to the TV is also quick and user-friendly, so everybody has access to it. The remote and built-in voice control smart make the usage more accessible for regular users.

Recommended Smart TVs

After discussing the top smart TV brands that are worth considering, I will narrow down my discussion with screen size and price options.

Setting your budget beforehand and knowing what size to get is a great idea to begin your search because it will guide you through shopping. It will also help you fall into the right category to save your precious time.

Best 65 inch TV

If you can afford the 65-inch TV, because it is quite an expensive purchase for your house, you should definitely get it. It is worth mounting on the living room wall or sitting at a table on ergonomic stands to deliver wide yet accurate visuals.

It enhances the streaming or playing video games vibes on a big screen with a dedicated display for different purposes. Besides, 65-inch TV is becoming more popular due to its advanced technology integration and exciting specs despite large-scale display.

-Best Tv Under 800

A little compromise on the specs and image quality, and you will be set to get the best 65-inch TV under 800. You may get a dynamic contrast ratio with 1080p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio at this budget. Also, the sRGB color gamut coverage falls a little compared to the expensive TVs willing to offer an ideal TV setup for the premium experience.  

However, they are still a reasonable and decent choice for streaming color-sensitive movies, playing games, or watching live sports.

-Best Tv Under 1000

A minor upgrade to the previous category, the best 65 inch TV under 1000, may not come with a huge difference, but a little update to the connectivity inputs, panel technology, and sound system.

-Best Tv Under 1500

The combo of high resolution, gaming features, vivid and bright colors with high dynamic contrast would be possible at the 1500 range. The best 65-inch TV under 1500 will provide a great value for money with built-in features and solid build quality.

Also, the number of connectivity inputs, quality of voice control, and display performance will boost incredibly at this price. So, you may have a tough time setting this considerable budget for a 65-inch TV. Still, the integrated features will surprise you at every point.

Best 75 Inch TV

In 2022, the demand for the best 75-inch TV will rise because they will come up with the latest technology of this new digital era that will make things easier yet exciting for you. Since the TV is a great source of entertainment and the huge sizes enhance everything. Similarly, the 75-inch smart TV also has the potential to transform your mood by giving you vibes of the home theatre or cinema right at your house.

Besides, I will narrow down the best 65-inch TV a little more with the price tags because the quality and features could vary with the price tag. However, the expensive price tag does not guarantee the best thing.

-Best Tv under 1000

65-inch or 75-inch smart TV does not have much difference, whether we talk about the screen quality or size. Though the large houses take 65-inch smart TV as a standard size, 75-inch is a little upgradation for them.

So, if you are also willing to extend your viewing experience, get the best 75-inch TV under 1000 right now and enjoy the dramatic vibes in your comfort zone.

-Best Tv under 1500

Connect your smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and another external device with the best 75-inch TV under 1500 and enjoy the luxurious vibes in your cinema room.  Getting a TV with such concerns require space planning, careful budget planning, audience catering planning, etc.

However, you will never be sorry for your purchase decision because it is not only an update to the screen size. It also improves color accuracy, contrast, black levels, refresh rate, and a lot more features.

Cheapest TVs

The cheapest TVs are not always bad. The top brands sometimes put their smart TVs on sales that could not reach the target market on time, so people get the opportunity to get hands-on smart TVs at low prices.

Besides, you can find 4K HDR smart TVs with the satisfactory build quality and attractive specs at reasonable prices. Industry leaders like Samsung, Sony, and TCL lower their prices when they launch the new models with a reasonable update/advancement of the previous features.

However, you can still narrow down your research with screen sizes and display resolution preferences when stepping into the market to find the cheapest TVs. Yes, you can find a wide range of smart TVs at low prices. 

Cheapest 120hz 4k TV

Are you a gamer and looking for the cheapest 120hz 4K TV?

Well, you can find huge size smart TVs with a high refresh rate and other gaming features, integrating 4K display resolution. This specs combo is ideal for a regular or professional gaming setup. It also lets you perform regular tasks like Photoshop editing, working on ERPs, etc.

-Cheapest TVs For Sale

As I mentioned, top brands put their old TV models on sales to clear the inventory and make place for the new launches. All the old stock goes at the sale and attracts their specific target market that purchases at the right time.

Sometimes you get the best product with advanced features that lasts long beyond expectations. However, bad luck also lies with buying smart TVs, and you can invest in the wrong product. So, you need to be really careful and have good research beforehand about the certain TV model of the brand.

-Cheapest 85 inch TV

Different brands come with seasonal sales on their high-end products, and from there, you can find the best cheapest 85 inch TV within your tight budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice much regarding features or specs because the product does not lack anything and only a bit of good luck when you manage to get one.

Getting the best 85-inch TV at a regular price may cost you a thousand bucks which are not possible for everyone to get. So, having patience and getting the cheapest 85-inch TV on sale is a good idea to invest in a mini-cinema.

Best TV for Sports Under 1000

What would you need in a TV to play games or watch sports when you get it?

Well, a user-friendly smart OS that offers a variety of features like built-in platforms, radio, live TV channels would be sufficient for streaming sports. On the other hand, gaming features like VRR, low input lag, Free-sync compatibility, and high refresh rate are top requirements for playing video games on display. Also, you would need a USB Type-C input or the latest HDMI input compatibility to connect gaming consoles.

You can easily find the best TV for sports under 1000 with all the necessary features from any famous brands available in the market.

Best 65 Inch 4k TV Under 2000

Top brands like Sony, Samsung, Insignia produces high-end smart TVs with a variety of screen size, including 65-inch. You can find LED or OLED TVs with different display panels that vary with prices. However, the buying decision should solely depend on your usage and requirements. A 65-inch TV would be preferable for playing games or streaming movies.

You can easily get the best 65 inches 4K TV under 2000 from heavy brands like Sony, Samsung, and Vizio because they produce the most reliable and durable smart TV in this budget. This 65-inch mini-cinema delivers incredible display quality that will amaze you when you use it for gaming or streaming.

Best TV for a bedroom

Many factors need your precious attention while choosing the best TV for the bedroom.

A huge TV craze is understandable, especially when you can find it in the sale, but setting it in a small room would create a mess. Also, managing s considerable space is necessary to experience a good view and keep your eyes safe from detrimental screen rays. So, here are some factors that you should consider before getting a specific screen size within certain budget limits.

Best TV Under 700

You can surely get gaming or streaming sensitive TV within a 700 budget, especially in the top brands. Many famous TV brands produce good-quality smart TVs that offer rich color production with exciting features that can be the best source of entertainment for the entire family.

Sony, Samsung, and even TCL have amazing models specially designed for budget-conscious people. Still, they never compromise on the high-end specs. Yes, you may get a fewer connectivity input, less ergonomic functions, or slightly mediocre color quality. But, still, it will be enough to play video games or stream movies with next-level accuracy and contrast.

Best 43 Inch Smart TV

A 43-inch smart TV is a mini-cinema at home, throws dramatic vibes with its excellent image quality and luxurious specs. The prices may go higher, but the quality and screen performance defend every cent of it.

Some say that the bigger the TV screen size, the mess image it creates. But it is merely a myth. Renowned brands mentioned above produce 4K or even 8K resolution smart TV in a 43-inch size that delivers stunning image quality with accuracy, sharpness, and vivid colors.

Best 32 inch TV with 1080p

32-inch is a standard size for TVs that looks decent in small bedrooms, kitchens, or offices for regular usage. The 1080p display produces a sharper image quality and satisfies watching TV shows, news, or movies. Unfortunately, you may not get advanced display features and other specs that mid-range or high-end smart TVs may offer, still it is a decent choice for routine.

Also, the good news is, you don’t have to spend much thought or money on the best 32-inch TV with 1080p because they are readily available on good brands like Samsung, Sony, Sceptre, etc.

Best 55 Inch TV Under 1000

You can get a high-end tech-savvy smart TV under 1000 from a reputable and famous brand. Setting such a high budget means you are a TV streaming lover and do not want to settle for less when it comes to screen performance and built-in qualities.

The best 55-inch TV under 1000 would be a Godsend for you because it will come with wide viewing angles and smart feature-rich OS. The built-in voice control system would not let you touch the remote control for navigation. The live TV channels help you enjoy sports, news, radio, and other entertainment sources in real-time.

You will surely get dedicated gaming features like fast response time, high refresh rate, VRR, low input lag, and a black stabilizer to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Undoubtedly, the best 55 TV under 1000 would come with advanced connectivity inputs that allow pairing any external device absolutely hassle-free for a premium experience.

Best 55 TV under 600

You can find the best 55-inch TVs under 600 with a 4K display and many connectivity options. 55-inch is a new standard size for living rooms because it looks decent with slim bezels, matte finishing, and remarkable finishing.

Moreover, you also enjoy a premium pixel upgrade that enhances the image quality and ensures next-level image accuracy and sharpness for a better view. Apart from enhanced visuals due to pixel, the contrast ratio, saturation, and toning look well-balanced in the 55-inch TV, even with the factory calibration. Therefore, if you have a place and a big budget, you can easily find the best 55 TV under 600 through our top recommendations.

Best 80 Inch Smart TV

80-inch smart TV is pretty large for a house, but you can utilize such big TVs to set up a cinema room. Though you have to dedicate a special space to such big TV. Also, they are pretty pricey, so you need proper planning beforehand to make good use of them.

According to the brand, the smart TVs are packed with rich specs and features with a dedicated smart OS to boost enthusiasm. Surprisingly, 80-inch smart TV throws home theatre vibes because it has the decent image quality and reasonable sound output. Watching live cricket or playing games with friends on an 80-inch TV is like a dream come true.

Moreover, Movie lovers would love such big TVs, especially in times of pandemics. Also, when cinema doors are locked, there is no decent place to hang out with friends and family.

Best 4K TV as a Monitor

A good and reliable TV can also turn into a monitor and help you effectively achieve all your work/business tasks. Your smart TV should have a compatible connectivity input, you have to play with display settings, and boom, your monitor is ready to slay.

Moreover, the market is filled with the best TV as a monitor at reasonable prices that let you play games, stream movies, and work on heavy work-related software. Besides, many graphic designers or photographers prefer a significant size TV to perform color-sensitive tasks due to the wide color gamut coverage.

TV in a living room

Getting the right thing at the right time could be possible when you have the correct piece of information. This detailed buying guide for Smart TV is a perfect roadmap that covers everything you should know before getting your hands on the TV. However, if you still have any doubts, feel free to drop your concerns in the comments so we can address them.

How to Buy a PC Monitor: A 2022 Guide

A good PC Monitor can be a game-changer because all the magic happens there. Whether you are a gamer or buying a Monitor for photo-editing tasks, you need a stunning display that doesn’t disappoint you with the performance. It should come with stunning functions, color accuracy, and other related features you need to get the job done.

However, buying a PC Monitor is not easy as it sounds. Many substantial factors come together to make a reliable monitor for certain tasks. But some of the elements are universal, and one can’t work without them irrespective of their needs. Therefore, I have designed this detailed buying guide to buy a PC monitor consisting of different categories, top trustworthy brands, and built-in functions.

Let’s explore How to buy a PC monitor without further ado.

PC Monitor on desk

Monitor’s Main purpose: gaming, professional or general

Before stepping into the market to buy a PC monitor, be clear about its purpose. It has a lot to do with functions, screen sizes, connectivity options, specs, etc. So, if you do not know what you will do with your PC, you can invest in the wrong product.

Moreover, getting a monitor with a purpose will give you direction and smooth the purchasing process. Some brands have good gaming monitors that work best for professional work purposes. However, others cannot offer a high refresh rate or color accuracy, leading you to fall into the general use category. So, first, you must discover your work demands to get the right monitor.

The higher the resolution, the better the picture

The monitor is a device that shows you the final output, so it better be equipped with exceptional built-in display functions. The most important one among others is screen resolution.

Resolution implies a number of pixels present on the screen that creates a picture. Yes, you guess it right. The more pixel density your screen can offer, the better your performance will experience. Besides, many latest/advanced monitors are coming out with 4K and 5K resolution that gamers, graphic designers, and all the professionals working with visually demanding tasks are loving.

-Refresh rates: Bigger is Better.

Refresh rate indicates the number of times/secs your monitor display can produce or refresh an image. The refresh rate is measured in Hz. Also, the nature of the refresh rate is similar to screen resolution; the higher the number, the better the display will be.

Gamers, video editors, and other professional users prefer at least a 120hz to 144Hz refresh rate because every frame count matters when we are involved with fast-paced actions. 120Hz and higher can provide you with a satisfactory speed with quick refreshes per second for smooth display performance. In simple words, if your monitor specs a 30Hz refresh rate, the display function with a speed of a turtle. However, 60Hz will be slightly better and manageable with regular tasks (general use).

Monitor resolutions

The monitors with different screen resolutions vary with other functions and prices. The more advanced resolution gets, the more price it will charge. Here is a detailed discussion of different monitor resolutions and their importance in the monitor world.

But you should be clear beforehand about your needs and work demands to invest in the right product.

  • 5K Resolution

5K is the latest resolution configuration we have on the monitor. 5K means there will be 5000 pixels wide on the screen responsible for creating pictures. The display will be more sharp, fast, clear, and the colors will be vibrant as compared to 4K. 5K is definitely the future of monitors, especially for 3D modeling, photo, video editing, etc.

  • 4K Resolution

4K resolution, which means 4000 pixels wide on the screen, is the latest display configuration in monitors. It is the most common type nowadays, and it makes the HD look so much better, fresh, and more attractive.

Moreover, the image depth, color quality, and contrast on 4K resolution look like a dream come true, especially when dealing with color-sensitive content.

  • Ultra HD (UHD) resolution

Ultra-High resolution is another Ultra HD or 4K resolution, having horizontal and vertical pixels of 3840 by 2160. People refer to 4K resolution as Ultra HD in the cinematic world as it is four times better than HD.

  • Quad HD (QHD) aka Wide Quad HD (WQHD)

We get to see a standard resolution on entry-level or budget PC monitors. Quad HD, aka QHD monitors, refer to 2560 by 1440 pixels in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Also, it makes satisfactory displays for regular use, casual gaming, or streaming. Besides, they are budget-friendly monitors compared to 4K.

What resolution do I need for gaming?

Suppose you are a gaming enthusiast and buying a PC solely for gaming. In that case, you need to get your hands on at least a 4K resolution monitor. It will deliver a crystal-clear image with balanced toning, high color accuracy, and a better contrast ratio to highlight the deep blacks.

Gaming monitors: Which features matter?

Usually, the gaming monitors come with all the necessary features to enhance your overall gaming experience. But a high refresh rate to eliminate ghosting and high screen resolution to produce clear and subtle images should be a top priority. Gamers also prefer large screen sizes and IPS display panel technology to enjoy wide viewing angles.

Besides, AMD Free Sync support to reduce screen tearing, low input lag, high response time, and VRR support are other impressive features a monitor could have.

Moreover, gaming monitors should come with a 4K webcam, impressive graphics, excellent built-in speakers, and a fully ergonomic stand to ensure comfortability during gaming sessions.

What should my gaming monitor’s refresh rate and response time be?

For regular gaming, 5ms and low response times are considered the best. However, professionals who love playing tournaments or pairing gaming consoles to have proper gaming sessions prefer a 1ms response time. The best thing about low response time is no blurring or ghosting on screen that makes the smooth display ready for all types of fast and regular games.

Furthermore, a refresh rate of 144Hz on a 1080p resolution monitor can make a suitable gaming device. However, the ideal configurations for professional gamers would be 122Hz at 1440p or 240Hz at 1080p monitor.

Which monitor features matter for general use?

When buying a PC monitor for regular use like streaming movies, working on spreadsheets, or creating presentations, you can settle with an entry-level monitor. It would house basic features that will suffice for running the routine tasks. Some necessary features that your entry-level monitor should have been:

  • Suitable screen size
  • 1080p resolution
  • Height adjustability
  • HDMI and USB port
  • Rich color pallet
  • Affordability

Best Monitors for 2022

Here is a list of top monitor brands of 2022 that are planning to launch new monitors with advanced technology to enhance the user experience.


After the success of smart TVs, Samsung has been leading the monitor market for years. The brand has various monitors that cater to different buyers’ needs, even the pickiest ones. From visually demanding displays to the higher refresh rate for less ghosting, Samsung integrates advanced technology to produce high-quality products.


AOC primarily focuses on enhancing the display performance because it sets the foundation of user experience. AOC is a brand for beginners because the good quality monitors promise durability and configuration customization for later use.

Hence, you can find a range of general monitors perfect for everyday use at affordable prices.


LG has a broad range of monitors for office use. LG monitors come with great ergonomic support and integrated eye care technology that keeps you fresh and healthy even after long screen hours. Also, LG produces great 4K and ultrawide monitors that can excite gamers out there, so it can be a brand for high-end monitor purchasing in 2022.


Dell does not need any introduction since it has been serving the PC market for decades. Dell monitors have exceptional build quality and built-in functions that catch professional users’ attention.

Furthermore, Dell monitors, irrespective of the screen size, deliver accurate colors with stunning image depth to execute color-sensitive content. The gaming features and ergonomic support are also worth noticing.


ASUS is now competing with LG monitors regarding display quality and comfort. Apart from excellent ergonomics, ASUS integrates eye care and flicker-free technology in their monitors to protect you from eye strain. Besides, higher pixel density and wide color gamut coverage make them stand out among rivals.


Whether an entry-level monitor or a professional, HP has everything for everyone. HP is one of the few brands present in the industry from the start of monitors production, so it knows how to do the job. Therefore, you can find some fantastic configuration combos in a range of screen sizes to match your requirements.


The year 2022 will be the year for BenQ monitors. The brand is leading a monitor market with the terrific build quality, attractive design, affordable price tags, and captivating display performance. Their range of IPS monitors is winning the hearts of gamers and professionals using heavy software. It has also been in demand as an external monitor for Apple devices.


If you are looking for a long-lasting monitor, go for Acer. Acer monitors are worth every penny they demand because their display quality, technology, and other related factors won’t disappoint you in the long run. Also, the configuration update won’t affect the overall performance it claims to offer, so it is a fair deal to make.


MSI may be a new name in the monitor industry. Still, it has made its identity being the best monitor brand due to exceptional offerings. MSI monitors come with excellent graphics, and a high refresh rate automatically prepares the device for gaming. Also, the smooth, crisp, and clear display also provide immersive streaming and working experience.


Getting your hands on the Philips monitor is not a bad idea, even in 2022. Philips has a huge range of screen sizes, display panels, and other built-in functions that give you plenty of reasons to make the final purchase.


ViewSonic is one of the leading brands in the industry that focuses on innovation to boost the user’s creativity and productivity. You will find portable monitors with rich connectivity and flexible displays for home and office use.

Moreover, the best ViewSonic monitors offer stunning resolution and rich color production on screen, making the monitors an ideal choice for streaming, gaming, and visually demanding content.


Sceptre should be a go-to place for beginners and mid-level users because the brand produces great products while keeping affordability at stake. After the success of the smart TV product line, the brand has been polishing its monitors while integrating the mix of the latest technology.


Lenovo has come a long way. Starting from struggling and competing with famous brands like HP or Dell, the brand has made some noticeable updating in their monitors. From borderless designs to major ergonomic updates, Lenovo pays attention to every detail that benefits users.

Lenovo monitors are decent, affordable, and versatile for different purposes without compromising the quality.


When we hear about the Viotek, its incredible gaming monitor range pops up in mind. You can find compelling monitors equipped with the latest gaming features and excellent build quality with appealing price tags.


Gigabyte is a decent monitor brand with a great variety of entry-level, mid-level, and professional monitors. Gigabyte monitors come with HDR support and plenty of connectivity inputs, impressive gaming features, and compelling hardware, making them the best external monitor to consider.

Buying Guide of monitors

Best external monitor for MacBook pro

Working on a MacBook Pro gives luxurious vibes, but it can be exhausting considering its limited screen size. So, it is wise to spend on the best external monitor for MacBook pro to boost your productivity and enjoy the most out of it.

Having an external monitor can save you the headache of providing a dedicated space to your system. With flexible connectivity and excellent display performance, you will undoubtedly experience a rich and seamless experience.

Best Ultrawide Monitor for Productivity

Ultrawide monitors have had a rising demand recently because they provide enough room to enhance productivity. Such monitors offer 33% more screen space that gamers, photo/video editors, influencers love to have for obvious reasons.

The best ultrawide monitor for productivity features around a 21:9 aspect ratio, ensuring stunning image depth while maintaining color accuracy and other functions intact.

Best Monitor with Built-in Speakers

The best monitor with built-in speakers will be a complete entertainment deal, especially for gamers. A combination of a good streaming-friendly display, exciting features, and a pair of compelling speakers would be like a dream come true.

Best 144Hz Monitor Under 300

Imagine getting the best 144Hz monitor under 300. Many famous brands integrate such deadly specs combo in their monitors to make the devices accessible to as many users as possible despite their strict budget limits.

It will open doors to lots of entertainment and gaming for beginners and professionals without breaking your bank.

Best Monitor for Xbox Series S

Brands are now making categories based on special features, specs combos, configurations so that the right product reaches its target market without any hassle. So, if you are a gamer and already invested in gaming consoles, get your hands on the compatible monitors to have smooth gaming.

 The best monitor for Xbox series S comes with all the advanced gaming features that enable one-click game mode to take your gaming exp to the next level.

Best 4K TV As A Monitor

You can transform your 4K TV into a PC monitor and execute your everyday or professional tasks. The smart 4K TV is blessed with exciting features and wireless connectivity that supports different channels for quick access. Besides, 4K TVs can make great external monitors with widescreen and stunning viewing angles for MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, etc.

Best TV Monitor

Suppose you are thinking of getting a TV and monitor separately. Why not invest in an all-rounder TV that can transform into a monitor when needed?

TVs offer stunning display performance, built-in speakers, an OS platform, and a huge screen; it would not be disappointing to get the best TV monitor for your new setup.