Usually, after purchasing a new car or home, the next biggest purchase you will make is a TV for your space. TV is a purchase that lasts longer for many years than other electronic gadgets used in homes. That’s why you don’t have any time to make a wrong decision in this regard.

So if you have a budget of 1000 dollars or under 1000, you will be able to get a great TV with 55 inches screen. The best 55 inch TV under 1000 is considered a medium-sized TV. Under 1000 dollars, there is a wide variety of best 55 inch TVs easily available in the market today.

The best 55 inch TV has many features and abilities to provide you the best combo of high-quality performance and affordable price. With a budget of 1000 dollars or less, you can get an amazing TV set that can transform your living room into a home theater with much ease.

So to help you in this context, we have come to provide you the best 55 inch TV list and complete knowledge so that you can choose easily without any difficulty or confusion. So without wasting any time, let’s go towards the products!

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What Are Best 55 Inch TVs under 1000 in 2022?

Here is the list of best 55 inch TVs under 1000

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1.    Hisense ULED premium U8G 55-inch TV:

Product overview:

  • Brand- Hisense
  • Resolution- 4K UHD
  • Display type- ULED
  • HDMI/USB- 4 ports/ 1 port
  • Refresh rate: 120 Hz
  • HDR tech: yes HDR+10
  • Alexa built-in: yes

This TV is the best 55 inch TV under 1000 as it can provide you the best experience of the picture on the TV and comes up with gaming features in case you are fond of gaming. Importantly, this TV can be placed in dark rooms without any worry as its screen has deep blacks, which gives amazing viewing.

If your living room is well-lit, this is the best option for you because its display screen has a great contrast ratio that automatically gets brighter within the light. Moreover, it comes up with a great and fast combination of refresh rate and response time which helps you fast-moving images such as gaming or sports. Its manufacturing has been done in a way that prevents screen tearing.

This smart TV has an android interface which is regarded as very user-friendly because it runs very smoothly with the TV set. Additionally, it enables you to connect with plenty of applications through the Google play store. Furthermore, the TV remote comes up with a built-in microphone so that you can control the TV by your voice.


  • This TV comes up with HDR+10 technology, which gives you the cinematic feel at home.
  • It has a peak brightness of almost 1500 nits, making the screen brighter in any light condition.
  • The TV has a high refresh rate which provides the ultra-smooth motion of every operation you do on TV.
  • It comes with top-notch quality HDMI ports and software to help you make game console links with TV.
  • Now you can control your TV by just using your voice. For example, you can change channels or search for your favorite movies or shows with the help of a microphone in the remote.
  • It has the IMAX technology, which combines with 4K resolution. This combo brings the cinema to your home easily.


2.    TCL 55S425 55-inch smart LED Roku TV:

Product overview:

  • Brand- TCL
  • Resolution- 4K (2160p)
  • Display Type- LED
  • HDMI/USB- 3 ports/1 port
  • Refresh rate- 60, 120 CMI Hz
  • HDR tech- Dolby vision HDR
  • Alexa built-in- no

If you are the one who is interested in watching TV series or movies on streaming apps, then this is the best 55 inch TV under 1000 for you. This smart TV plays the role of a platform for the streaming applications such as Netflix. Moreover, the 4K resolution will help you in watching movies with an immersive experience.

The TCL Company has been becoming a top brand name for TVs all over the globe. Importantly, the picture quality of this 4-Roku series is also very great, even at 55 inches of screen. The combo of 4K resolution and HDR technology provides you the experience of investing money on the right thing surely.

The best thing about this TV set is that it comes up with a very less price that after using it once, you will doubt others who are spending thousands of dollars on TVs. This TV is very easy to use and considered a decent option to pick up at such a user-friendly price. If you want a simple and nice TV, then this is the best option.


  • It has the best android interface that can give you access to the 500,000 TV series and movies on such a smart TV.
  • It comes up with Roku’s mobile application on which you can search any episode or movie by its actor or director name or by title.
  • The remote of this TV set is extremely simple to use as it has only 20 buttons which gives you ease of navigating.
  • You can set this TV on the wall as it has come up with wall mounting ability.
  • With its 4K resolution, you can watch your TV with great picture quality without any difficulty.


3.    SAMSUNG 55 inch class QN90A series TV:

Product overview:

  • Brand- SAMSUNG
  • Resolution- 4K (2160p)
  • Display type- QLED
  • HDMI/USB- 4 ports/1 port
  • Refresh rate- 120 Hz
  • HDR tech- Dolby vision HDR
  • Alexa built-in- yes

This QLED TV is proved to be the best TV of SAMSUNG with amazing picture quality in less than 1000 dollars. This QLED TV will provide you a punch of brightness than ever before which works out great. This QLED type TV can fulfill all your needs in terms of picture quality, surprisingly.

This TV will be the best option for those who want a bright screen TV in a room which is not well-lit. This TV comes up with the feature of mini-LED that helps the TV set give the proper brightness on the screen. Moreover, it has the quantum matrix feature, which helps in giving direct LED lightning to the screen.

The style of this TV is also very unique and diverse from other TVs with 55 inches screens. It has a sleek stand on which the TV set is installed with small footprints making it very pretty. The most noticeable and best thing about this TV is that you should know it comes up with a solar panel remote making you free from batteries.


  • It comes up with a built-in Alexa, which proves to be very helpful in operating the TV. All you have to do is open the TV and then ask Alexa about anything you want to see on TV.
  • The TV set comes up with object tracking sound, which means that sound also moves with action going on in the games.
  • It has a Neo quantum processor, which can enhance picture quality every time.
  • The remote of this TV set is very simply designed which help you in using it with much ease and comfort.
  • The remote that comes along with this TV has a solar panel on its back which helps you buy the batteries or cells.


4.    Sony X900H 55 inch TV:

Product overview:

  • Brand- Sony
  • Resolution- 4K (2160p)
  • Display Type- LED
  • HDMI/USB- 2.1 HDMI/1 port
  • Refresh rate- 120 Hz
  • HDR tech- Yes
  • Alexa built-in- yes

This is another best 55 inch TV under 1000 that can be used for almost any type of content. It comes up with a panel-type VA, which can provide high contrast and full local dimming features. The black you see on this TV would look brighter even if you placed the TV in dark rooms. In addition, it has nice reflection handling.

This TV is best for gamers to connect TV with gaming consoles and have low input lag. Moreover, it helps you play games properly, even in 10 bit HDR with 4K resolution. One issue is that its viewing angles are narrow compared to other TVs, but its performance is great.

The Sony TV set is the best choice for mixed usage as you can watch movies, TV shows or play high-end games on it. It is the best combo of performance and price with such great features you most require in a TV under 1000 dollars. This model of the Sony Company is much better than before models.


  • This TV display gives the immersive quality of the picture/ image just as the content is created with.
  • It comes up with 2.1 HDMI, which gives you the access to link up your TV with your gaming console and much more with ease.
  • This TV is smart android TV that helps you manage different tasks and easy searching of movies and TV shows.
  • This TV has built-in modes for games that allow you to connect your play station with Sony 4K gaming TV.
  • It works out amazingly with Alexa that you can also use with your voice. Then you can use it for changing channels etc.


5.    TCL 55R617 55 inch ultra HD Roku TV:

Product overview:

  • Brand- TCL
  • Resolution- 4K (2160p)
  • Display Type- LED
  • HDMI/USB- 2.1 HDMI/1 port
  • Refresh rate- 120 Hz
  • HDR tech- HDR 10
  • Alexa built-in- no

This 2018 model of 6 series from the TCL Company proved to be a good option for many uses. It has almost every basic feature that a TV shopper requires for his home. In addition, it has high-quality HDR technology, which gives a great contrast ratio. Moreover, it has peak brightness which looks good even in the darkroom.

It is regarded as a versatile TV that performs pretty well for almost every type of content. This TV set is great to be placed in dark rooms as it will perform well there too. The design of the TV is very simple and nice, which looks like solid construction. It has a big stand which takes a lot of room where ever you place it.

The contrast ratio of this TV works out great as it combines with local dimming by making it a good choice for dark rooms. It has average viewing angles that prove to be okay for small rooms rather than in big rooms. In addition, it has a high response time with very little blur on the screen whenever you see something.


  • It comes up with contrast control zones that give a powerful performance in return.
  • This 4K smart TV is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa so that you can operate the TV with the help of them.
  • This TV’s high refresh rate makes it work out great with a buttery flow of motion.
  • The TV remote control has a microphone built-in it which provides you the ease and comfort.
  • The design of this TV is very simple and seems like it is built up is done strongly, preventing you from any issues.


How to choose best 55 inch TVs under 1000 – Buying guide:

Everyone knows that anything you watch on a better TV will automatically look great. The toughest task in this regard is to find out the best TV for your home. Nowadays, markets are full of different options, which makes you confused about which one is better for you and not.

Best 55 Inch TV Under 1000

So in those terms, we are here to help you. Our buying guide will provide you all the information about which things you should consider and keep in mind before buying the best 55 inch TV under 1000 dollars. It’s a quick tip for you that always properly research before you go to market for buying any product.

Let’s move towards the crucial aspects you need to remember!

  • Size of the TV screen:

This factor is considered the most important one in the purchase of a TV. Now a day, TVs with big screens are mostly preferred and demanded by the customers. It depends on which size you watch a TV in your home.

If you have a great budget and space, too, then you should go for the option of at least 55 inches TV for your home. Because commonly living rooms in the homes have large space and big screens also look amazing there. The 55-inch screen TVs proved to be great according to the performance as well.

Another thing that you should consider before buying 55 inch TV is the estimated difference in the distance between you and your TV where it will be placed. So if you are living in a big house, then go for the option of 55 inches screen TV, but it’s not good for dorms or small apartments.

  • Resolution of the TV screen:

Firstly, let me tell you what screen resolution means; it is the term that defines the number of pixels that can make an image on the TV screen. The resolution of the screen is calculated in vertical columns and horizontal rows. Therefore, a high pixel screen will provide you sharper results.

The editors and professionals prefer TVs with high screen resolutions as these have the high capacity of providing finer details to you. Commonly, the TVs come up with 1920×1080 resolution all over the world, known as full HD. But now, in the modern era, it is converting to 4K.

If you have a TV with 4K of screen resolution, it will give four times higher pixel number than the typical full HD TV. However, there are many advantages of having 4K TVs on which you can see even small objects with proper details. So it is highly recommended to choose the TV with 4K screen resolution.

  • HDR technology TV:

If you want to see your TV screen with better colors, you should go for the options to provide you the HDR technology in the TV. The term HDR stands for high dynamic range, mostly coming up with 4K ultra HD TVs. This technology stands out with its name.

HDR technology in the TVs can provide enhanced brightness, high colors, and amazing contrast levels for sure.  This technology is the common feature of almost every 4K TV you see as it is making the 4K ultra HD different from the standard TVs available in the market.

On the whole, if you are the one who is fond of watching the bright picture on the TV screen, then you must pick up the TV with HDR technology. This will help you enjoy the immersive experience of the films or shows you want to see on the TV by making it a real home theater.

  • The refresh rate of TV:

You have heard of this term whenever you go to buy a new TV for your home. The refresh rate will tell you about how many seconds your image on the screen will be refreshed. It is measured in Hertz (Hz) mostly. So, for example, the standard refresh rate in most TVs is 60 Hz, or you can say 60 seconds.

Today, the manufacturers of TVs have doubled the refresh rate to meet up the needs of modern technology. So now it comes up with at least 120 Hz, and in some cases, it comes up with 240 Hz. This feature in the TV depends upon your preference of which one you are going to choose.

If you are the one who has a gaming console attached to the TV, then the 60 Hz will prove to be enough for you. But some people think that high refresh rate TVs will provide them the better picture on the screen. So for them, the TV with a 120 Hz refresh rate is enough.

  • Connectivity options of TV:

Last but not least important feature which you should consider before buying a new TV. Remember always pay attention to the connectivity ports of the TV you are going to buy. The TV you choose must have few ports of HDMI so that you can quickly use your TV for different purposes.

With plenty of HDMI ports in your TV, you can connect speakers, chrome-cast, and even a game console with much ease and quickly. If you buy a 4K ultra HD TV, make sure that it must have HDMI 2.0. On the simple mode, go for the option, which should have at least four HDMI ports.

  • Contrast ratio of TV:

This term is used to define the actual range of your TV about the levels of brightness. If you get a TV with high contrast ratio, you will get subtle shadows and great details. You can check the TV’s contrast ratio by watching a show or movie with dark scenes such as harry potter.

Importantly, the thing you should never compromise on is the contrast ratio written in the specification box, as it is unreliable even in most brands. So instead, go for the TV with deep black levels and high contrast pictures on display.

  • Audio accessories:

The professionals highly recommend buying a soundbar separately whenever you are going to buy a new TV. So what’s the reason behind it? First, let me tell you that even the premium quality TVs have a poor quality of sound. It happens because, inside the TV, there is no room for large speakers to produce rich sound.

That’s why soundbars are preferred to buy as they are very easy to install and they are very less expensive. The bar can significantly enhance the TV’s audio, just like in the sound you hear in the cinemas. The bar structure is thin, so it can be adjusted anywhere, even under the TV, with ease.


1)   How much range of screen size of TV available under $1000 or under?

You can get plenty of options for 1000 dollars or under 1000 dollars, providing you different inches screen for sure. The TV screens range from 55 to 75 inches, including the 65 inches as much as you want.

Indeed, large screen TVs will serve you greatly compared to small size screens as they can provide you a real cinematic experience at home.

2)   If I buy a TV for under $1000, will it collab with Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa?

Yes, you can connect such assistants with your modern TVs, despite connections of your TV with amazon echo and Google home.

Today, the new TV models can connect these without connecting any other appliances as they have a built-in system. But, unfortunately, Siri is not compatible with the current models of the TV.

3)   Which brands of TVs are highly durable and reliable?

As many of you know, nowadays markets are overflowing with several options regarding every product, including TVs. The most durable TVs are of Samsung and TCL as they are offering top-notch quality. On the other hand, if you use the TV with proper care, it can last for a long time without causing any issues.


So the time to wrap up the article into the bottom line has come. We have provided you the best products on the list for under 1000 dollars and tried to help you pick up the best one for you and your home. After reading the whole article once, we are sure that you will be able to pick up the most compatible TV for you.

According to our recommendation, the Hisense ULED premium U8G 55 inches TV is the best 55 inch TV under 1000. This TV set has almost every basic and innovative feature created to provide you the feel of home cinema in this pandemic. In such a price tag, you can’t get any better TV than this in 2021.

No matter which one you choose, we just always hope that you don’t ever get a product that proves to be a disappointment for you. So best of luck!