NHL is an official sports app where you can stay updated about your favorite team’s performance. The app also has a collection of sentimental photos, highlights of famous match moments, the latest news, and much more. From live streaming to catching up on the scoreboard, NHL has made everything easier over a subscription.

NHL App Compatibility

NHL is an app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can download the NHL app on Apple devices running iOS 12 or later. The device should be at least running OS 5.0 or later for Android devices. We recommend that your devices run on the latest operating versions for more exclusive features and better results.

Moreover, NHL live subscriptions can be accessed on Desktop computers, Xbox, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, etc.

How to get NHL App on Samsung Smart TV

Downloading NHL App on Samsung is not rocket science. You can easily download it like any other app you have downloaded. However, here’s a quick overview of downloading apps on Samsung smart TV.

  • Ensure your Samsung smart TV is connected to the internet.
  • Press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Go to the APPS.
  • Tap on the search icon at the upper left corner of the display.
  • Write NHL in a search bar and hit enter.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Once installed, launch the application and start using it.

*Note: You can also ask voice assistants to download the app and help you log in to your account in no time.

Samsung smart TV NHL App

Once you have downloaded the NHL app on your Samsung smart TV, you can start using it by adding your login credentials. Besides, if you don’t have any subscription yet, you can choose any plan according to your requirements and start streaming right away.


Compared to Samsung smart Plus, a default-free application available on all Samsung devices offers 24 hours streaming to the live channels, including sports. The NHL  has so much to offer than you expected, like 1,000 plus out-of-the-market games, apart from 70 plus exclusive games in the basic plan. Also, the addition of a social widget that encourages players to engage and play game modes together has been trending recently. The intuitive interface that makes it effective for users to hold games, walk through the scorecard, access photos, and keep a loop on the news is impressive.