Smart TVs have made our lives simpler by introducing exciting features and specifications. With the help of the integrated OS, we can access our favorite content from the internet in just a few minutes.

Also, smart TV, specifically Vizio Smart TV, comes with many connectivity options. HDMI, VGA ports, DP, and USB cable input will be there to entertain you while pairing traditional or old-school devices. But WiFi and Bluetooth options are available to connect smart devices, the internet, soundbars, etc. However, apart from many readily available connectivity options, Vizio Smart TV also has a captivating feature of Apple AirPlay.

What is Apple AirPlay Feature in Vizio Smart TV?

Apple AirPlay is like a screen mirroring option from all the Apple devices to the Vizio Smart TV. Whether you have iPhone, iPad, Mac device, you can easily showcase your screen on the big Vizio Smart TV by enabling this particular option. Whatever you will be doing on your Apple device will appear on the screen, so many prefer this exciting feature to deliver presentations, work on group projects, watch videos, and enjoy memes from the phone. Also, it is a quick way to pair both devices without getting involved in the wired mess and time-consuming connectivity options.

Moreover, enabling this option is also not rocket science. You can introduce your Apple device to your Vizio Smart TV by following a few easy steps and start utilizing it. Here’s how you can enable Apple AirPlay.

  • Turn on both your devices.
  • Ensure your Apple device and Vizio Smart TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Go to the TV settings, Find the AirPlay option in Extras and enable it.
  • Now, access your Apple device’s control center and find the two screens that appear right beside the orientation lock feature.
  • A small window should appear with all the available networks when you click on it. Choose your Vizio Smart TV.
  • It will start mirroring your screen on the big TV.

How to Turnoff Airplay on Vizio Smart TV?

When you enable a specific option, you must know how to turn it off. Because you do not want to let it open and share your screen with the audience, after learning how to enable AirPlay, let’s explore how to turn off Airplay from Vizio Smart TV. It’s quick, simple, doesn’t require going through complex methods to stop.

Since AirPlay or screen mirroring option involves two devices, stopping the feature from one would be enough to disable the option. If you want to turn off AirPlay from a Mac device, you can:

  • Open the control center of your Apple device.
  • Click on the AirPlay.
  • Hit the stop mirroring option.
  • This way, both devices instantly stop sharing screens.

Another way to turn off the AirPlay is to disconnect the WiFi from any device or power off your Vizio Smart TV.

How do I Turn off Airplay on Vizio Smart TV?

Bottom Line

AirPlay is a simple way to share your phone screens on the big TV screen and make the most out of your gaming, streaming, or enjoying your favorite content with friends. Enabling or disabling the option is pretty simple and only requires Internet, Apple device, and Vizio Smart TV. I hope this small piece of info helps you learn the basic idea of pairing devices this way.